Ring Video Doorbell Review

A common problem for those looking to monitor the outside of the house is finding a feature rich camera that can overcome the weather elements and power challenges.  The Ring Video Doorbell has a lot of that figured out.  The Ring Video Doorbell replaces your current doorbell or can be added as a brand new doorbell to homes that do not have a traditional doorbell connection. This is the first generation of video doorbell from Ring.  Unlike the second generation, only the first generation supports battery power.  The newer generation requires a hardwire. Software You can access the Ring Video … Read more

Logi Circle Portable Wireless Video Monitoring Camera Review

The home security camera space is getting a lot of attention from established networking and peripheral companies.  Today, it’s Logitech’s turn.  The Logi Circle Portable Wireless Video Monitoring Camera is made by Logitech.  For those not familiar with Logitech, they made a big name for themselves in the computer pointer, aka mouse, marketplace.  The mouse market isn’t what it used to be.  Ever see someone using a mouse on a tablet?  They also make a bunch of desktop video cameras which aren’t as popular as they used to be.  Time for new revenue streams. By the looks of things, the Logi … Read more

Choosing the Right Home Security Camera Mount

Sometimes the right mount can spell the difference between a good home security camera and a bad one.  You can have a great camera but if you can’t place it where it can view the action, it’s a fairly worthless investment.  I have owned and tested a lot of home security cameras and have returned a few because the way to use the camera was with the little table stand that came with device.  It amazes me that many manufacturers neglect this important aspect and miss out on a way to differentiate their cameras from the rest of the pack. … Read more

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Review

The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System is a follow on generation to the VueZone.  These cameras are made by a large networking company called Netgear which is known for their line of wireless routers.  They now have a division called Arlo which puts out security cameras.  I have used their products for a long time, both the cameras and routers.  They are reliable and easy to use.  You don’t need to be a network genius to use their products. Netgear got into this line a few years back when they purchased a company called Avaak.  They have carried the basic premise … Read more

Nest Cam Home Security Camera Review

All hail the Nest Cam.  Made by Nest, this is an upgrade to the highly successful DropCam Pro.  Nest purchased DropCam for a whopping $555 million and this is the result of that marriage.  While I’m not sitting in the development room, it looks as though this camera shares a lot of similarity to the DropCam Pro which we reviewed here so I’m guessing this was already in the works when they were purchased. There are several nice improvements with this camera.  The 1080p full HD video is the most important part of the upgrade.  I like the direction they took with … Read more

Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam Security Camera Product Review

I have used a few Samsung SmartCam Security Cameras and haven’t been disappointed.  I had high hopes for the Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam Security Camera.  I use it to monitor my pool.  That’s my Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam in the photo with this article. You may have already read my review on the Samsung SNH-1011 SmartCam.  The Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam is a higher end camera and I was expecting a better monitoring experience.  The camera is very similar to the Samsung SNH-E6411BN SmartCam and in fact, I can’t tell the difference between the two.  Let’s take a closer look at this security camera. … Read more