Using a Blink Camera Through a Window

A Blink Home Security Camera System is not made to be used outdoors, but a lot of people buy one to monitor the action outside their home.  Most will find quickly enough that using the typical settings aren’t likely to work out too well, especially at night.  Let’s look at what you need to know to use your Blink Camera through a window. Related Article:  Blink Home Security Camera System Review The Problem So here’s the issue with using a Blink Camera through a window: window glare.  Like almost any home security camera, placing your Blink Camera in a window is likely to return an image … Read more

VueZone Support Extension Beyond 2017

In an unexpected change of mind, Netgear announced a VueZone support extension beyond their announced December 31, 2017 discontinuance. *** As of August 13, 2019, support has been discontinued *** VueZone owners might remember seeing our past article on VueZone Alternatives Needed By End of 2017.  The article detailed Netgear’s recent announcement regarding elimination of support for the software used to watch video from the VueZone cameras.  While they did not mention dropping support on the hardware platform, they did announce that the back end would not be supported and the VueZone cameras would no longer be able to talk to the back … Read more

Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Security Camera Review

The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is a nice entry in a long SmartCam lineup. I had previously reviewed the Samsung SNH-6413BN SmartCam Security Camera and this is definitely an improved piece of hardware which uses the same app as all SmartCam cameras.  The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro competes well with the Nest Cam and I think that’s a good thing.  Like most Samsung cameras, the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro provides on-board storage and, unlike the Nest Cam, you don’t need to pay for a cloud subscription to see past history.  Nice. Software The Samsung SmartCam HD Pro uses the Samsung SmartCam app.  The Samsung SmartCam app may not have … Read more

Arlo versus Blink Home Security Camera System

Welcome to the Arlo versus Blink face-off challenge.  The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System and Blink Home Security Camera System are two leading completely wireless home security cameras.  Both offer motion detection, cloud storage and notification services.  Both are powered by internal batteries.  No A/C cables here.  Let’s look at how these cameras compare. We previously wrote detailed reviews on these cameras if you would like to read all about them first: Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Blink Home Security Camera System Review Let’s move on with our head to head analysis. Software This category is all about the smartphone … Read more

Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount Review

Today, we got a chance to review something a little different.  A way to hang your Nest Cam from an AC outlet. The Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount is an accessory that does exactly that. Sounds strange right?  Once you get it out of the box and try it, you will find it’s not really that strange, and in fact makes good sense.  Especially if you have an AC outlet that’s about 4 feet off the floor, such as above a kitchen counter. We have a photo of an empty Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount with this article so that you could see … Read more

How to Setup Canary Modes for Automated Alarms

The Canary All-in-One Home Security Camera offers a few features that aren’t available in other home security cameras.  One of those features is called Modes.  Canary Modes allow your camera to set scenarios when you are home, away or asleep.  Mostly, Canary Modes are used to tell the camera if it should send an alert to your phone or not but it can also be used to set your camera into private mode. Related Reading:  Canary All-in-One Home Security System Review Before diving into Canary Modes, there are a few things to be sure are setup properly.  Most important is to … Read more