Why Install a Video Doorbell at Home?

The idea of the video doorbell came into the mainstream a few years ago.  It’s not like what you saw on television ten or more years back where a closed circuit camera was located in the corner of the front patio and was viewed from a dedicated display in the kitchen. No a video doorbell is much different today.  In its basic form, a video doorbell is a one piece solution that combines a traditional doorbell with an integrated camera that features a microphone and speaker.  Unlike a decade ago, a video doorbell can be installed by the homeowner and … Read more

Samsung SmartCam PT HD Security Camera Review

The Samsung SmartCam PT HD Home Security Camera is the camera we’ll be looking at.  This is Samsung’s first entry of the pan and tilt variety within their SmartCam lineup.  We have looked at a few other brands of pan and tilt on this site and were lukewarm on them due to a poor user app.  Let’s see how the Samsung SmartCam PT stands up.  As an important note, you may also see this camera refered to by the model number which is SNH-V6410PN. We have looked at a lot of cameras in the Samsung SmartCam series and have several in continual service. … Read more

Selecting the Right Micro SD Card for a Home Security Camera

Several home security cameras use a micro SD card for on-board storage of video events.  Three that come to mind are the Samsung SmartCam, Amcrest HDPro and Guardzilla home security cameras.  I like using a micro SD card as a means to access video archives resulting from motion events.  Unlike cloud services, the video archived to a micro SD card will stick around for as long as you don’t overwrite the card. We’re going to discuss selecting, and then using, the right micro SD card for a home security camera.  The brand of camera doesn’t matter much.  Most have the … Read more

Guardzilla All-In-One HD Video Security System Review

I have seen the Guardzilla All-In-One HD Video Security System at practically every retail outlet I walk into.  This is the second generation of the Guardzilla indoor camera system.  It’s quite a bit improved especially in terms of the 720p video quality versus the first generation which checked in at 640×480.  Be careful to select the proper model.  This article is about the Guardzilla GZ521B model which is the second generation.  The first generation is GZ502B.  Avoid the first generation. Let’s take a closer look at the Guardzilla All-In-One HD Video Security System. Software You can access the Guardzilla All-In-One HD … Read more

How to Control a Ceiling Fan with Nest Cam and WeMo

Here in Southwest Florida, every room has a ceiling fan.  A ceiling fan helps a lot to keep you cool when in the room. A ceiling fan doesn’t need to be on when not in the room.  That’s where a Nest Cam and a WeMo Switch come into play.  This article will show you how to control a ceiling fan with Nest Cam and WeMo.  We will also throw an automation service known as IFTTT into the mix as we need software to tie a Nest Cam and WeMo together. This method will work with a Nest Cam or a Dropcam Pro.  You … Read more

Canary and Wink Opens New Doors to Home Automation

The Canary All-in-One Home Security System remains one of my favorite home security cameras.  Abilities such as temperature and humidity monitoring make this more than a simple home security camera.  Add in some free cloud storage and an audible alarm and you can begin to see this is more than your basic camera.  The recently announced Canary and Wink integration allows for a bunch of additional enhancements that go beyond home surveillance.  Now we’re talking home automation. Those unfamiliar with a Canary Home Security System can read more about it in our Canary product review. What’s Wink?  There are two components.  First, … Read more