Do You Really Need the Yi Cloud Service?

The YI Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System has become one of my favorites.  It’s low priced with features comparable to much higher priced competition.  Cloud has become a standard inclusion for any manufacturer that wants to call their camera a home security camera.  After all, what good is on-board storage via a micro SD card if your camera gets stolen?  That where the Yi Cloud service kicks in. This article provides an overview of the Yi Cloud service.  We also discuss if it’s a good deal and whether you should consider using it.  Yi Cloud is available with most of … Read more

How to Hang a Nest Cam or Other Camera from a Curtain Rod

A popular placement for a Nest Cam is for seeing what’s going on outdoors.  The challenge finding a good place to put it.  Someone recently asked if they could hang their Nest Cam from a curtain rod.  That’s an idea I never thought of. I guess the first question is why would anyone want to hang a Nest Cam from a curtain rod?  Turns out that is a good way to position a Nest Cam to see outdoors.  Ideally, I would personally prefer a window ledge and get it as close as possible to the window pane.  In our article … Read more

Zmodo HD Wireless Bullet Outdoor Camera Review

The Zmodo HD Wireless Bullet Outdoor Camera comes from a company that’s been around the home security camera arena for awhile.  The camera is a less expensive but reliable option for those wanting a bullet camera that can live outdoors. For those unfamiliar with Zmodo, they manufacture lower priced home security devices.  Mostly home security cameras.  This bullet camera compares to a few others reviewed on this site including the Lorex LNC226X Outdoor Bullet Camera.  You could also compare it to several other cameras that are outdoor but not bullet shaped such as the Nest Outdoor Camera or Canary Flex.  All in … Read more

How to Replace the Batteries in an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera is one of my favorite camera models.  Today, we’re discussing how to change the batteries in an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera. Unlike competitors, this Arlo model has no power cables.  They are battery operated.  Batteries need to be changed.  This article will show how to change the batteries and give a recommendation for what you need. The batteries in an Arlo camera should last 4-6 months, that’s according to the manufacturer.  The 4-6 months is based upon 5 minutes of active use daily.  More frequent use and the batteries in an Arlo camera will need to be changed … Read more

Hidden Camera Appliances for Stealth Monitoring

Our site dedicates most articles to mainstream cameras.  We review them and provide tips on how to use them better.  We even have a series of articles that gives ideas on how to hide your home security camera.  Today, we’re going to take about some of the best hidden camera appliances.  You won’t believe where some manufacturers stash their cameras. To qualify for mention in this article, the hidden camera must be stashed within a typical household object.  Like an appliance.  Maybe a toy.  A bush doesn’t count.  We’re looking at more creative places than a bush.  We’re also looking at … Read more