How to Make a Nest Cam Public

Most Nest Cam owners use their home security camera in private mode for personal viewing.  However, some like to have their Nest Cam for all to see.  So today, we discuss how to make a Nest Cam public.  In other words, anybody can see it. Making a Nest Cam public isn’t difficult to do.  However, be aware that public means public.  Anybody and anytime will be able to see the action.  We have seen some interesting public cameras and are a bit stumped on the logic of the owners for making their Nest Cam public.  More than one person has … Read more

A New Way to Attach a Nest Cam to a Window or Wall

Installing an outdoor camera can be a lot of work.  That’s why a lot of people purchase an indoor home security camera for outdoor monitoring.  They’re in for a surprise when they do this as it’s not as simple as pointing it out a window and leaving it there.  First, you need a good place to put it.  We look at a good solution for which is a window shelf for Nest Cam or DropCam or other similarly shaped home camera.  It’s a rather innovative way to attach a Nest Cam to a window and it will work on other … Read more

Wansview Home Camera Review

The Wansview Home Camera is our latest kick the tires candidate.  It’s inexpensive to be sure.  Especially when compared to a camera like the Nest Cam or Arlo Pro HD. So what’s missing?  Why would you want to consider this camera? The Wansview Home Camera is an entry level home security camera.  Not a bad choice for someone looking for a simple and quick solution for peering in on the action.  While it’s not for everyone, it might be best suited for someone on a budget that wants to occasionally peer in on what’s going on at home or the office. … Read more