How to Insert a Micro SD Card into a WyzeCam Camera

After you setup a WyzeCam home security camera, you will quickly come to realize the importance of video history.  Especially as it relates to periods of time longer than the 10-20 seconds stored in the cloud with each motion event.  We thought the topic of how to add a micro SD card into a WyzeCam would be a good one to discuss. A micro SD card is not included with the WyzeCam purchase.   So before discussing how to add a micro SD card into a WyzeCam, it’s worth discussing what kind of card you should get.  The WyzeCam supports up … Read more

Amazon Cloud Cam Coupled with Alexa is a Nice Combination

The Amazon Cloud Cam is here and we must admit it was fun to integrate with our various Alexa enabled devices.  This is probably the best camera integration we have seen with our Echo Show. This is Amazon’s first foray into the home security camera space.  They usually become a major player in the spaces they choose to play in and it’s going to be interesting to see where these products go.  The camera already compares favorably to some of its competition in terms of features and cloud plans.  Plus, as already stated, it does an excellent job at integrating … Read more

Using a WyzeCam Through a Window

We recently took some time to test out the new WyzeCam.  We had some favorable things to say, especially for the price of this entry level home security camera.  The WyzeCam isn’t intended for outdoor use but we quickly realized that the size and shape might make this a good candidate for use pointing out a window.  Today, we look at how to use a WyzeCam through a window Be sure to read our very detailed WyzeCam review. Many might purchase this camera with the intent of pointing their WyzeCam through a window only to quickly find it isn’t work well unless … Read more

How to Automate Using IFTTT for SkyBell Video Doorbell

The SkyBell Video Doorbell is a great accessory for monitoring the front of a home or office.  IFTTT for SkyBell provides an automation feature unknown by many SkyBell owners.  IFTTT is a free service that integrates devices (such as a SkyBell) and services like gmail, your phone or other devices.  IFTTT integrates devices from one manufacturer with those from another manufacturer. IFTTT is an acronym for “If This Then That”.  You can do some great things with IFTTT for SkyBell.  This article will show you how to do it.  IFTTT isn’t owned by SkyBell and is independent of the devices that … Read more

WyzeCam is a Good Value in a Very Small Box

The WyzeCam purports to have many of the features of the more expensive competition at a fraction of the price.  Wyze is a new company and the WyzeCam is their first generation home security camera. We took some time this week to try out a WyzeCam.  We found some good things and a few things that we wish worked differently. Software You can access the WyzeCam through an iOS or Android device.  The camera cannot be accessed from a web browser. Setup of the WyzeCam is simple.  First download the app and sign up.  After that, plug the camera in … Read more