Yi 1080p Dome Camera Exceeds Expectations

We have been fans of the Yi line of cameras for at least a year.  We had a chance to test out the Yi 1080p Dome Camera.  Like the other models we have looked at, this one didn’t disappoint. We previously looked at the YI Dome Pan and Tilt Camera and this one is similar except it has 1080p instead of 720p plus a few unique app features.  We were impressed with the 720p version and the 1080p enhanced version is even better.  If you’re looking for a pan and tilt with good video quality and a stable app, this is a … Read more

Keeping an Eye on the Driveway with an Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2

An Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Camera Security System are great choices to keep an eye on areas where there isn’t an easy accessible power source.  Nothing worse than putting up a home security camera than seeing a big long white cable leading into the garage.  The Arlo Pro doesn’t need a power cable because it’s battery operated.  Keeping an eye on the driveway with an Arlo Pro camera is easy.  We’re going to show you how to do it. For all intensive purposes, the guidance is the same for an Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2.  It also applies … Read more

Zmodo EZCam Pro 1080P Camera Review

The Zmodo EZCam Pro 1080p Wireless Camera is the second model we have reviewed from this company.  We had previously reviewed a Zmodo HD Wireless Bullet Camera which we found to be a middle of the road camera. We were surprised by the number of higher end features included with the Zmodo EZCam Pro.  Coupled with the 1080p lens and newly rolled out cloud plan, we were hopeful.  Fortunately, we were happy with the outcome of our testing. Software You can access the Zmodo EZCam Pro with the Zmodo iOS or Android app.  There is a desktop app accessed from … Read more

How to Use the WyzeCam Time Lapse Function

We’re still checking out features on our new WyzeCam.  The WyzeCam time lapse function is one we have seen some other higher priced home security cameras.  The WyzeCam time lapse provides the ability to piece together a series of photos taken by the camera over a period of time. A time lapse video is useful for seeing the events leading up to something.  That “something” could be the blooming of a flower, the end of the work day, even the building of a house.  As long as the WyzeCam never moves from the spot it’s originally placed in, the end result … Read more

How to Use an Amazon Cloud Cam Through a Window

We recently took a detailed look at the new Amazon Cloud Cam.  We liked it.  There’s some nice higher end features and it pairs great with Alexa.  The Amazon Cloud Cam isn’t intended for outdoor use but we know some will want to use it to keep an eye on what’s going on outside the house or office.  That’s why we’re looking at how to use an Amazon Cloud Cam through a window If you need lots more detail on this camera, be sure to read our very detailed Amazon Cloud Cam Review. Like most home security cameras, the default settings … Read more

How to Replace the Batteries in a Reolink Keen Pan and Tilt Camera

The Reolink Keen is one of the few 100% wireless pan and tilt home security cameras on the market.  It’s handy for watching areas where no power outlet exists.  Unlike other cameras, this one is powered by batteries.  There is no A/C cable.  That means you need to periodically replace the batteries in this camera.  This article will discuss how to replace the batteries in a Reolink Keen.  We’ll also discuss how to prolong battery life and make a few recommendations for replacement batteries. A Reolink Keen requires four lithium CR123A batteries for power.  There’s a battery life indicator within the app.  … Read more