Are Fake Home Security Cameras Worth It?

Are Fake Home Security Cameras Worth It?A good home security camera is going to set you back a lot of money.  Perhaps, you’re tempted to to save some money and go with one of those fake home security cameras.

Looks kind of real.  Will a bad guy see the fake camera and go to the next house?  Let’s consider the issues and if it’s worth investing in a few fake security cameras.

Practicality and Cost

Very few top home security cameras are rated for outdoor use.  The few that can be used outdoors aren’t cheap.  A good wireless home security system is the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System.  These cost a lot of money.  A reasonable fake home security camera such as the Wali Bullet Fake Security Camera with LED Light cost a heck of a lot less.

Then there is the issue of practicality.  The previously mentioned Arlo system is one of my favorites for outdoor use because it’s not wired in terms of power.  Most outdoor home security cameras require power to be run to an area of your home or business that likely doesn’t have an AC outlet nearby.  If the camera isn’t wireless, then a CAT5 Ethernet cable needs to be run.  If youre camera is fake, who cares about cables?  The fake cameras have a fake cable.

Effectiveness of Fake Home Security Cameras

Is a fake home security camera an effective deterrent.  Professional seasoned thieves know the difference between a fake and real home security camera.  There are a few easy ways to differentiate real from fake.  Almost all good home security systems have the brand name on the side.  Most fake home security cameras have the words “Security Camera” or “CCTV” on the side.  That’s the first real way to tell.  The second relatively easy way to differentiate fake home security cameras from the real thing is presence of a status light.  No light often means no power.  Sure, you can turn off the status light.  Most keep it on.  You want the thief to see it’s powered.

Is a potential thief going to bypass a home with fake home security cameras?  There’s a chance he will.  There’s probably another home right next door without any real or fake cameras so why take the chance.  But your mileage is going to vary depending upon the criminal.

The Obvious

So clearly the difference between fake home security cameras and the real thing is the ability to view and record the action.  If the thief doesn’t see the fake camera or simply doesn’t care, he’s going to break in and there will not be any video available.

Important Features of Fake Security Cameras

So if you have decided to invest in a bunch of fake home security systems, there are a few important things to look for.  Firstly, get one that has a status light on it.  It will at least resemble a powered camera.  There are several fake home security cameras that have a battery powered red light.  Consider the Wali Bullet Fake Security Camera with LED Light which has a battery operated LED light and even includes a fake cable.  It looks somewhat real but does have that generic “Security Camera” printed on the side.

Bottom Line on Fake Home Security Cameras

I hope none of our readers ever have their homes or businesses broken into.

If you think that the police are going to come in and do careful fingerprint analysis, you are in for a surprise.  I have first hand experience and can tell you they don’t do it.  If the thief sticks to a particular area of the neighborhood, they may eventually catch him but by the time they catch him, your stuff will be long gone and it’s an experience you will never forget.

The best defense for your home is a combination of a real home security camera and a good alarm system.  Add a bunch of valid window stickers and a yard sign with a legitimate monitoring company name on it and that’s the best home defense.  I also like to add a remotely controlled power source such as a WeMo Switch to turn on some lights either by time of day or remotely.

So bottom line is that I would avoid them, but I guess if on a budget, having a few of these fake home security cameras attached to the outside of the house are better than nothing at all.