How to Effectively Cover a Home Security Camera

How to Effectively Cover a Home Security CameraSeems simple enough.  You’re in a position where you want to block anyone from seeing the image on your home security camera.  Sure, you could pull the plug.  But that disables the camera from useful functions that you might still want to use such as temperature monitoring or sound alerts.  You simply want to cover a home security camera.

As shown in the photo, you could simply drop a cloth over it.  Make sure the cloth is thick.  I do this a lot.  Have used a handkerchief which I found to be an ineffective way to cover a home security camera.  Turns out a handkerchief has see-through material so while it will make it more difficult to see, the person scoping out the video can still see what’s going on.  Use something thick like these Basic Everyday Kitchen Dish Cloths.  Something thick enough to block a video image.

The nice thing about using a dish cloth to cover the camera is that it will also block the effects from the IR lights that can be turned on to view night video.  Other options to simply cover the lens aren’t likely to cover the IR lights.  These lights typically surround the camera lens in a circular pattern.

If you would prefer something a bit less invasive versus the everyday kitchen dish cloth, consider the WebCam Cover.  These are specifically made to cover a web camera or similarly sized lens.  These measure roughly .5 x .5 inches.  These reusable lens covers are designed to stick onto the lens potion of the camera.  Easy to install and remove, they are made to use thousands of times over.  Simply rinse it under cold water and let dry to recharge these.

The nice part of the WebCam Cover is they are a lot more discreet than the dish cloth method.  Let’s face it, people will ask what the thing is covered by the dish cloth.  The WebCam Cover is black in color which matches the color of most home security camera lens areas.  They aren’t easily spotted due to the color and small size.

The downside is the smaller size could leave those IR lights and any status lights uncovered.  Depending upon your usage of the night features that trigger the activation of the IR lights, this may not be an issue.  Also worth noting is that most home security cameras have features that facilitate the deactivation of the status light.

Another solution is the SilentPocket Privacy Webcam Stickers.  It’s a sheet of varying size reusable stickers that are designed to cover the lens portion of a camera.  These are marketed for web cams, cameras on laptops, tablets or phones.  Ensure the lens area is clean from any dust or dirt prior to using these because that can effect the adhesion.

I have read of other methods to cover a home security camera that I am not a fan of.  These include using duct tape or post-it notes.  Neither will work well.  Duct tape is difficult to remove and might damage the lens area and / or leave residue behind.  A post-it note will fall off over time.

What do I use?  I’m a traditionalist and the dish cloth method works real well.  In fact, that’s my Canary All-in-One Home Security Camera with my high tech hiding method in the photo that accompanies this article.  It’s fine to use if it’s just yourself, however if planning to have company over, and need to block the camera, using one of the more discreet methods might work best.