Lorex LNC226X Wireless HD Indoor/Outdoor Network Camera Review

Lorex LNC226X Wireless HD Indoor/Outdoor Network CameraThe Lorex LNC226X Wireless HD Indoor/Outdoor Network Camera is the first outdoor bullet type we have reviewed on HomeCamCafe.  Bullet style cameras aren’t for everyone.  They are larger and heavier than many of the home security cameras made over the past few years.  However, if you want a camera that screams “I see you” then a bullet camera is what you want.  Nothing stealth about a bullet camera.

You can use this camera as wired or wireless.  This article will concentrate on the wireless operation.  If needing a wired bullet camera, we recommend a less expensive option.  Don’t pay for wireless if you aren’t going to use it.


You can access the Lorex LNC226X via the app or on their web site.  The Lorex Ping app can be downloaded from the app store.  Setup can be done right through the app.  It’s among the easier setups.  You will need to remove a small plate on the camera, press the WPS button then have the camera scan a QR code displayed on the phone.  You’re up and running in no time.  We suggest getting it setup before installing it on a wall.

There are a multitude of video streaming customization settings to cater towards those that might be bandwidth challenged.  You can alter the FPS (Frames per Second), bandwidth and resolution right from the app.  Using 30 FPS will yield the clearest video.  You can go all the way down to 1 FPS if you really want to conserve bandwidth.  Most will be ok with 30 FPS.  Since this isn’t recording continuously over the internet, a good home wireless setup will support 30 FPS.

A significant number of settings for video quality can be set from the app.  Settings for video color, brightness, sharpness and low light sensitivity ara a few of the options.  You can display the time and date on the video which is recommended.  There is also a feature called preference which allows the camera to automatically set the video quality based upon available bandwidth.

There isn’t any cloud service with the Lorex LNC226X.  The camera can be setup to email images that caused an alert.  You can record motion to onboard storage which can be accessed from the smartphone app.  Video can also be saved to the micro SD card on a schedule.  For example, record video for 15 minutes daily starting at 3:00.

The Lorex LNC226X does not have a motion zone type of feature.  This feature is good for limiting the areas that you want to exclude from motion alarms.  For example, motion from a tree isn’t something you want to be alerted about.  Too bad this feature isn’t present as it plays a significant role in eliminating false motion alerts.  Using the motion sensitivty alerts to make it less sensitive will help a bit.  However, when there is a significant amount of wind, the branches might become motion events even when the setting is 1 (the lowest).

Video can be manually recorded from the camera directly to a smartphone or tablet.  This is good for short clips.  Video takes up a large amount of storage.  You will fill your phone’s storage quickly if not careful.


The Lorex LNC226X is a substantial piece of hardware.  The casing is metal and weighs almost a pound.  This isn’t a camera that uses sticky pads to attach to a flat surface.  We’re talking bolts.  This is a serious looking security camera.  Like we said.  If you want a camera that screams “I got a security camera” then the Lorex LNC226X is in your face and ready to go.

The camera has a bolted on metal hood at the top.  This helps to shield the camera from the elements, especially snow.  The casing is rated as IP66.  This means that water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.  In other words, it can get wet.  Lorex recommends using the camera in a sheltered location so don’t take that IP66 rating to say you can mount it on a submarine.  It means it can handle the elements outside.

The camera can also handle mighty cold weather.  The Lorex LNC226X operates to -4°F (-20°C).  That’s in line with most outdoor home security cameras.

A limitation of the Lorex LNC226X is the video quality.  It tops out at 1280 x 800p.  Not that it’s bad video.  It’s just not the best.  The 62 degree wide angle lens provides less coverage versus non bullet competitors.  The camera should be placed with care to ensure you are making the most out of the smaller 62 degree coverage.

A series of infrared LED lights provide adequate night vision.  The manufacturer claims up to 50 feet of clear night vision.  That’s quite a long distance.  Most home security cameras come in at about half that distance.

The Lorex LNC226X has a microphone so you can hear the action or have a two-way conversation.  Sound activated alerts are supported but based upon personal experience, not recommended.  If using this camera outdoors, do you really want to be alerted everytime a bird chirps or a car passes?

It isn’t a wireless camera in terms of power.  Unlike other home security cameras, this does not use a basic removable micro USB cable.  The cable is hardwired onto the camera itself.  That’s a good thing for outdoor use.

There is a single ethernet type of cable that is molded into the camera casing.  It is not removable because it’s needed for power.  The short ethernet cable plugs into a supplied splitter.  One half of the splitter connects to power.  The other end connects to an ethernet cable which will not be used if the Lorex LNC226X is connected wirelessly.


The Lorex LNC226X can be attached via ethernet cable or wireless via 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz.  The 2.4 GHz band will generally provide good coverage but it’s always going to depend upon the number of walls and location of the router.  Figure on at least 50 outdoor feet from the wireless router but likely approaching 100 feet or more.


The Lorex LNC226X is bolted onto a flat surface using the round mount attached to the casing.  There aren’t any alternative mounts.  Video flip is supported when mounting the camera upside down.

Fun and Different

The Lorex LNC226x has a micro SD slot located at the bottom of the camera.  Get an inepxensive 32GB card and use it to record local video history.  This allows viewing of event history.


The Lorex LNC226X Wireless HD Indoor/Outdoor Network Camera combines a very strong hardware build with average video quality and an ok application.  This is a good choice for those needing a bullet style outdoor camera that is going to be exposed to the elements.  The metal casing provides good weather protection and is rated for outdoor use.

Quick Specs:

Video QualityField of ViewCloud SupportSD SupportNight VisionMobile/Web AppAlertsOutdoor
1280 x 80062 DegreesNoYes, up to 32GBYesYes/YesYesYes

Manufacturer Link:  Lorex