Samsung SNH-1011 SmartCam Security Camera Product Review

I use the Samsung SNH-1011 SmartCam Security Camera to monitor my garage.  Amazingly, I left the garage door open overnight a few times.  I needed an inexpensive but reliable camera to maintain a view on the status of the garage doors.  That’s my Samsung SNH-1011 SmartCam in the photo with this article.  When I do my nightly security check before going to bed, this is one of the cameras that I check.  The Samsung SNH-1011 Smartcam is a wireless camera with minimal features and that’s how it is priced.  I picked this up a few months ago on a good deal … Read more

Dropcam Pro Wireless Home Security Camera Review

The Dropcam Pro is one of our favorite security cameras.  These cameras are now made by a company that is owned by Google.  Dropcam was a a real innovator in security home security cameras.  Eventually they were purchased by nest and then Nest was purchased by Google.  I own four Dropcam Pros and they are great cameras.  I selected these based upon the features and quality of the video steam.  The image attached to this article is the front of my home during the daytime. The picture quality is excellent and the stationary wide angle lens gives a 130 degree view. … Read more