How to Attach an Arlo Camera to a Gutter or Soffit

Arlo has been one of our favorite home security camera manufacturers for a long time.  They make excellent outdoor cameras that are truly wireless.  The challenge is finding  a way to attach these to your home or business in an advantageous location.  By that we’re talking about somewhere high enough to see the terrain and provides a secure attachment.  Somewhere like a rain gutter or soffit. It’s worth noting that the cameras we’re referencing in this article are the wireless outdoor types from Arlo.  We’re talking about the Arlo Smart Home Camera, Arlo Pro, Arlo Ultra and Arlo Pro 2. … Read more

How to Hide an Arlo Home Security Camera

Today, we’re going to give you some ideas on how to hide an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera, Arlo Pro HD Home Security Camera or Arlo Pro 2.  These cameras are similar in design so the concepts can be equally applied to both camera models. Why would you want to do that?  You don’t want any bad guys to see it!  In this article, we will look at a few places and methods to hide an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera. Stealth Basics The magnetic dome that comes with the Arlo camera doesn’t lend itself to making it easy to hide the camera.  These … Read more

How to Replace the Batteries in an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera is one of my favorite camera models of all time.  Today, we’re discussing how to change the batteries in an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera. Unlike competitors, this Arlo model has no power cables.  They are battery operated.  Batteries need to be changed.  This article will show how to change the batteries and give a recommendation for what you need. Battery Basics The batteries in an Arlo camera should last 4-6 months, that’s according to the manufacturer.  The 4-6 months is based upon 5 minutes of active use daily.  More frequent use and the batteries in an Arlo … Read more

Arlo Smart Adds Some Nice Features and Enhancements

Following the direction set by Nest Aware and a few others, Arlo has introduced a refresh of their paid cloud plans.  Like Nest, Arlo will now be including exclusive features and enhancements into Arlo Smart which is the new name of their cloud plans. We are big fans of the Arlo Pro HD Security Camera System and Arlo Pro 2 Camera Security System.  Besides being well made cameras with a long battery life, Arlo throws in one of the most generous free cloud plans of any of the large manufacturers. Arlo Smart pricing and capabilities are a little confusing so we’ll look … Read more

Preventing Arlo Camera Theft

Arlo makes a great camera.  What’s not to like?  Maybe the fact that the cameras can be easily removed and stolen?  Today, we discuss how to prevent Arlo camera theft. We have previously written several articles praising the Arlo lineup including our review of the Arlo Pro.  The cameras are 100% wireless.  No power cables and connected via WiFi. The Arlo Mounting System The mounting system is one of the easiest to use.  Just paste or screw the mounting dome to a flat surface.  A photo of the mounting dome accompanies our article.  The Arlo camera attaches using the magnet … Read more

Managing Arlo Alert Notifications

I recently read that the average American checks their phone 80 times a day.  I’m probably one of those average Americans.  Amazingly, despite the extreme frequency, every time I check, there are new alerts.  A lot of them come from the large number of home security cameras that are installed.  So let’s dive into how to manage Arlo alert notifications.  We’ll look at what’s important and how to ensure you only receive alerts that are vital. We are big fans of Arlo.  We loved the Arlo Pro and Arlo Q.  Everything discussed within applies to all three with the exception of … Read more