How to Attach a Blink XT to a Gutter or Soffit

We are big fans of the Blink XT.  It has a long battery life, provides an excellent video quality and has free cloud.  What’s not to like?  Maybe the bracket that comes with the camera.  It’s very limiting in terms of locations that you can use it.  Ideally, an outdoor camera should be located somewhere high enough to see the terrain and provides a secure attachment.  Somewhere like a rain gutter or soffit.  So we’re going to look at how to attach a Blink XT to a gutter or soffit. While our advice applies equally to the Blink XT and … Read more

A New Way to Attach a Nest Cam to a Window or Wall

Installing an outdoor camera can be a lot of work.  That’s why a lot of people purchase an indoor home security camera for outdoor monitoring.  They’re in for a surprise when they do this as it’s not as simple as pointing it out a window and leaving it there.  First, you need a good place to put it.  We look at a good solution for which is a window shelf for Nest Cam or DropCam or other similarly shaped home camera.  It’s a rather innovative way to attach a Nest Cam to a window and it will work on other … Read more

Selecting the Right Location for a Baby Camera

Purchasing the baby camera is the first step.  Selecting the right location for a baby camera then setting it up are the next steps and often the more difficult than the selection and purchase. We covered how to select the right baby cam in a previous article.  Be sure to read that article if you haven’t selected the right baby cam yet.  You can also put some thought to any benefits of a camera specifically marketed as a baby cam versus one that’s geared as a general home security camera.  The advice outlined in this article is applicable to either … Read more

How to Hang a Nest Cam or Other Camera from a Curtain Rod

A popular placement for a Nest Cam is for seeing what’s going on outdoors.  The challenge finding a good place to put it.  Someone recently asked if they could hang their Nest Cam from a curtain rod.  That’s an idea I never thought of. I guess the first question is why would anyone want to hang a Nest Cam from a curtain rod?  Turns out that is a good way to position a Nest Cam to see outdoors.  Ideally, I would personally prefer a window ledge and get it as close as possible to the window pane.  In our article … Read more

How to Make a Bean Bag Stand for Nest Cam or DropCam Pro

The title sounds a bit like an arts and crafts project, doesn’t it?  Well, today we’re going to make a bean bag stand for Nest Cam or DropCam Pro.  A photo of the completed bean bag stand for Nest Cam or DropCam Pro accompanies this article. With all of the alternative mounts available for a Nest Cam or DropCam Pro, why make a bean bag stand?  Good question.  This particular project came to be out of a unique monitoring requirement.  I needed to temporarily locate a camera  on a window ledge and give it some lift.  More lift than the stand included with … Read more

How to Remove a DropCam or Nest Cam from the Stand

We seem to have as many “how to” articles on this site than anything else.  That’s because home security cameras come with minimal documentation.  I had to figure most of this out myself and figured I would share it so save others some time.  That’s the reason for this article about how to remove a DropCam Pro or Nest Cam from the stand. First, why would you want to remove a DropCam Pro or Nest Cam from the stand? The most prominent reason is because you don’t want to use the stand that comes with the camera.  That makes sense. … Read more