FLIR FX HD Portable Security Camera Review

The FLIR FX HD Security Camera has a lot of nice features included.  It competes nicely with many of the top home security cameras on the market including the Nest Cam and many of the Samsung SmartCam models.  The camera packs a lot of high end features and has a multitude of mounting options, perhaps more so than anything else I have seen. For those unfamiliar with FLIR, they are fairly large company that manufactures and distributes cameras and imaging systems.  I was aware of the Lorex brand of cameras and didn’t realize until writing this article they are made … Read more

Canary All-in-One Home Security System Review

The Canary All-in-One Home Security System is more than your basic home security camera.  It’s also somewhat less than a home security camera. Funny how I stumbled upon the Canary.  I was looking for a home security camera that combined remote monitoring of temperature, humidity and basic home security camera features.  I’m always worried about the furnace breaking when I’m not home or air conditioning going south.  I suppose I could get a Nest thermostat but decided I wanted to it as part of my security camera since I know there are a few that have this capability.  The Canary monitors … Read more

Cooking Etouffee Made My Canary Air Quality Abnormal

The Canary All-in-One Home Security System has a few unique features not found in other home security cameras.  Especially in the way of environmental monitoring.  The Canary measures room temperature, humidity and air quality.  Temperate and humidity definitions are fairly clear cut.  Air quality not so much.  This article probes the meaning of an abnormal Canary air quality reading. So what does this have to with Etouffee? A Home Cooked Meal and Canary Air Quality This topic came up just last night at about 10:00.  My wife got an alert on her phone about abnormal air quality in the living room. … Read more