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About the Author:  I’m Mike, the author of most of the articles on HomeCamCafe.  Security cameras have always been a passion of mine.  My interest started almost 15 years ago with the Panasonic C-131A pan and tilt camera.  You needed a degree in Computer Science to set one of these up.  Home security cameras have now evolved into a simple one minute setup exercise.  If you have a smartphone, it’s often a matter of downloading an app which guides you through the process.  In some cases, it’s easier to set it up than to use on a daily basis.

I have owned and tested dozens of cameras over the years and have developed a lot of expertise on how to use them.  Most are purchased by me, some are provided by manufacturers.  You always get the honest scoop on how these home security cameras stack up regardless of how they came into my hands.  A nice feature of this site are the tutorials on how to set the camera up, use them in unusual ways or troubleshooting tips.

All of these articles are written by someone (me) that figured out how to do this stuff the hard way.  Manufacturer support varies.  There are a few good companies that provide timely answers when you have questions.  There are several that sell you the camera and seem to have little interest in post sales support (which leads me to finding out stuff the hard way).

Use the search function on the site for specific topics.  You can also refer to our Home Security Camera Reviews if looking for a new camera.

Enjoy the site.

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Our site provides reviews, tutorials and advice for home security camera enthusiasts and those that just want a good way to keep an eye on things when not at home.  We try to provide information not found elsewhere.

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