How to Replace the Batteries in an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

How to Replace the Batteries in an Arlo Smart Home Security CameraThe Arlo Smart Home Security Camera is one of my favorite camera models.  Today, we’re discussing how to change the batteries in an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera.

Unlike competitors, this Arlo model has no power cables.  They are battery operated.  Batteries need to be changed.  This article will show how to change the batteries and give a recommendation for what you need.

The batteries in an Arlo camera should last 4-6 months, that’s according to the manufacturer.  The 4-6 months is based upon 5 minutes of active use daily.  More frequent use and the batteries in an Arlo camera will need to be changed more often.  If the camera is used infrequently, you will get a lot more battery life.  If you are using this to monitor a vacation home, some careful planning is suggested (I speak from experience).  Nothing worse than running out of battery life and you’re 1,000 miles away.

The Arlo smartphone app tells you when it’s time to change the battery.  The app shows the amount of power remaining.  I suggest monitoring battery life at least weekly.

Be sure to get the right batteries for your Arlo camera.  Arlo recommends four non-rechargeable CR123 lithium 3-volt photo batteries.  I prefer Energizer CR123 Lithium Batteries.  I have used off-brands in an effort to save a few dollars and they did not last as long as Energizer.

Unlike the Arlo Pro, the first generation Arlo Smart Home Security Camera doesn’t provide rechargeable batteries.  If you would prefer to use rechargeable batteries in an Arlo Smart Home Camera, the manufacturer recommends the Tenergy Rechargeable CR123 Batteries & Charger.  These are the only rechargeable batteries Arlo recommends.  Tenergy rechargeable CR123 batteries are designed for Arlo cameras. These batteries can be recharged up to 500 times.  You will save a lot of money over traditional lithium batteries.  I recommend going this route if possible.

Avoid alkaline batteries as they will not last anywhere near as long as Lithium.  While the initial cost of an alkaline battery is lower, I suspect the longer term cost would exceed the more expensive lithium option.  Don’t forget the additional effort of more frequent battery changes with alkaline.

Now that we know what type of battery to use, let’s look at how to replace the batteries in an Arlo Home Security Camera System.  It’s easy.

The battery cover is located on the bottom of the Arlo Smart Home camera.  There is a small latch located on the bottom of the camera.  Move the latch to the side to allow the rear battery cover to be removed.  This exposes the battery compartment where four CR123 batteries reside.  Insert four new batteries into the camera department while ensuring the + / – orientation is correct.  Now close the battery door.

Your Arlo camera should automatically re-sync.  However, in the event it does not, hold the camera within a few feet of the base station and press the sync button on the side of the base station for two seconds.  Wait for the green sync light on the base station.  Next, press the sync button on the top of the Arlo camera for two seconds.  A blue light on the camera blinks rapidly to confirm a successful sync.

Don’t wait until the batteries in an Arlo Home Security Camera are down to almost nothing until replacing.  Keep some on hand for the next time the battery indicator starts getting low.  If using rechargeable batteries, keep four spares ready to go.  Now that you know how easy it is to put batteries in an Arlo camera, there’s no reason not to change them out today.