How to Automate Using IFTTT for SkyBell Video Doorbell

How to Automate Using IFTTT for SkyBell Video DoorbellThe SkyBell Video Doorbell is a great accessory for monitoring the front of a home or office.  IFTTT for SkyBell provides an automation feature unknown by many SkyBell owners.  IFTTT is a free service that integrates devices (such as a SkyBell) and services like gmail, your phone or other devices.  IFTTT integrates devices from one manufacturer with those from another manufacturer.

IFTTT is an acronym for “If This Then That”.  You can do some great things with IFTTT for SkyBell.  This article will show you how to do it.  IFTTT isn’t owned by SkyBell and is independent of the devices that are supported.

If you have never done it, go visit the IFTTT web site and register.  Once you get there, you will notice what they call applets.  These are pre-written scripts to facilitate integration.  IFTTT for SkyBell entails use of a SkyBell specific applet.  This allows SkyBell to interface with other devices and services.  You will notice a lot of these are written by SkyBell but they can potentially be written by anyone.

Click on the search option near the top of the site.  Now search for SkyBell.  Connect your SkyBell.  You will enter the credentials used on your SkyBell device.

Beneath the SkyBell Connect action are about 30 applets relevant to SkyBell.  Most are written by SkyBell and a few by individuals.  Select one that interests you and try it out.

The photo that accompanies this article is an extremely useful IFTTT for SkyBell applet which integrates a Nest Protect with a SkyBell HD Video Doorbell.  A Nest Protect is an internet connected smoke and CO alarm that alerts you of a problem through an app.  In addition to an alarm sound, Nest Protect speaks to you to inform you of what the problem is and where it is.  This applet will turn the SkyBell HD Video Doorbell’s light to red if the Nest Protect detects a carbon monoxide emergency.  Useful if you were unaware of the event and walking up to your front door.

Another nice IFTTT integration is the ability to blink your Philips Hue Light Bulbs when someone presses the SkyBell doorbell.  This is useful if the TV is on loud or you aren’t in the same room as the doorbell is located.  Similar applets are available for LIFX lights.  Once you have this applet activated, your connected lights will blink when someone presses the doorbell outside.  Being fans of WeMo, a similar automated switch, we’re disappointed there’s no support yet for these devices as it pertains to SkyBell, but there are a lot of Hue and LIFX device owners out there that are happy.

As of this date, there are thirty IFTTT for SkyBell applets available.  We only mentioned a few in this article to give you an idea of the automation potential using IFTTT for SkyBell.  There are some very useful recipes for integrating a SkyBell Video Doorbell with email, Alexa and Google.  Over time, we expect some new applets and hopefully will some for WeMo.