How to Insert a Micro SD Card into a Yi Outdoor Camera

Hot to install a micro SD card into a Yi Outdoor CameraAdding a micro SD card into a Yi Outdoor camera is an inexpensive way to increase the amount of video that can be accessed with the app.  It’s also the only way to view motion events when the internet is not available.

After purchasing one of these cameras, you will find a very sparse set of documentation.  Of equal importance is that very little additional documentation exists online.  How to insert a micro SD card into a Yi Outdoor camera is a fairly hard topic to uncover.  We thought it would help to write an article on the topic.

If you haven’t made your mind up yet on this camera, be sure to read our review of the Yi Outdoor Camera.

Selecting the Proper Micro SD Card

A micro SD card is not included with the Yi Outdoor Camera.   So before discussing how to add a micro SD card into a Yi Outdoor Camera, talk about what kind of card you will need.  According to Yi, this camera can use a card up to 32 GB.  There are different speeds specifications for SD cards.  We recommend the card support a Class 10 or UHS 1 speed rating.  That means the card supports writing at least 10 MB per second which is enough to support a high definition camera.

A 32 GB card is recommended.  The difference in price between the sizes of cards is minimal up to 32 GB.  Might as well go with the largest size.

Consider the SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter.  We like this particular card because it comes with an SD card adapter which makes it easy to use on a PC for reading on an alternative device.  Another trusty brand in micro SD cards is Transcend so you can also consider the Transcend 32GB MicroSDHC Class10 UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter. Like the SanDisk card, this comes with an SD card adapter to make it easier to insert into a PC.  Feel free to dig deeper into the subject of choosing the right micro SD card for a home security camera.

How to Insert a Micro SD Card into a Yi Outdoor Camera

Now that you know which card to use, let’s get into how to add the micro SD card into a Yi Outdoor Camera.

The photo that accompanies this article shows the location of the card slot.  It’s on the bottom of the camera under the hatch that you see in the photo.

Before starting the process of adding a micro SD card into a Yi Outdoor Camera, unplug the camera.  Adding the card while the camera is powered on could damage it.

Unscrew the camera from the mount.  Turn it over.  Ever wonder what that little screwdriver that came with the camera was used for?  Now you know.  Use it to remove the small screws.  Be very careful and do this over a table.  The screws are very small and easy to drop.

Once the screws are out and cover is off, you will see a button and micro SD slot.  The button is used to reset the camera, so you won’t need that today.  The micro SD slot is right below the reset button.

So at this point, the question is how big are your fingers?  For those with larger fingers, it might be a challenge to get the micro SD card all the way in.  You need some assistance.  The bottom of a removable pen cap works well.  By bottom, we’re talking about the pointed part that is used to clip the pen to a shirt pocket (not that anyone actually does that any longer).  I use a Bic Pen cap.  Works great.

Now that the card is inserted, power up the camera then open the Yi app.  You will see the Storage section with the status of the Micro SD card.  Hopefully, good condition is indicated.  If not, click on the arrow, and format the card.

You’re now an expert on how to insert a micro SD card into a Yi Outdoor Camera.



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