How to Replace Blink XT Batteries (applies to Blink XT2 as well) wireless cameras have become more common these days.  Truly wireless means just that.  No power cable.  No network cables.  There are several manufacturers that have been covered on this site that make truly wireless cameras including the Arlo Pro, Reolink Argus and Blink XT.  Problem with these cameras is you need to charge or change the batteries.  Today, we cover how to replace Blink XT batteries.

Since writing this article, Blink has introduced the Blink XT2.  This article will apply equally to the Blink XT2 as the cases are fairly similar and so are the battery requirements.

Blink provides a pair of good lithium AA batteries with each camera.  They claim these Blink XT batteries will last two years.  Realistically your mileage is going to vary depending upon several factors.  Most notable will be the amount of motion events and frequency of how often (and for how long) you access the camera for real time video.  Use it a lot and there’s a good likelihood that it will be less than two years between battery changes.

Fortunately, Blink provides a battery indicator in their app.  Check in every few weeks on the battery life.  I remember losing the cameras in a vacation home for an extended period because the batteries ran out.  My personal rule of thumb is to replace when at 25 percent.  The problem with the Blink XT is that the indicator either says OK or Replace.  So obviously, when it says “replace”, don’t wait since I’m not sure what battery level triggers that indication.

What kinf of Blink XT batteries do you need?  Well the company recommends non-rechargeable AA lithium batteries and you will need two of these.  Buy mainstream brands such as the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries.  Off-brands may save a few dollars but will not last as long as brand names.  Avoid AA Lithium Ion or Li-ion batteries as these carry a higher voltage which may cause issues with the camera.

Lithium batteries last longer versus everyday alkaline varieties.  Although alkaline costs less than lithium, the longer term cost will exceed the cost of lithium.

Now that we know what type of battery to use, let’s take a look at how to change Blink XT batteries.

The battery cover is located on the back of the Blink XT.  As shown in the photo that accompanies this article, you will see a rubber button in the middle of the back of the camera.  It’s located where the mount attaches to the camera.

Move the latch downwards and lift the back cover off starting at the bottom.  This will expose the battery compartment.  Remove the old batteries.

Insert two new lithium batteries.  Be aware of the orientation.  Now, replace the rear cover and push the rear button upwards to ensure the cover is locked in place.  A tight seal is very important on these cameras as it protects the battery compartment from the weather elements.

Don’t wait until the camera is out of power.  When the indicator says “replace” then do just that.  You could also play it safe and replace the batteries annually.  Keeping a few batteries on hand for when it’s time for replacement isn’t a bad idea.  Nothing worse than going out in the middle of the night for your Blink XT batteries.