Is the SimpliSafe Monitoring and Cloud Plan Worth It?

Is the SimpliSafe Monitoring and Cloud Plan Worth It?A common question for owners of the SimpliSafe SimpliCam and Video Doorbell Pro are if subscribing to a paid monitoring plan is worth it.  We will look at available SimpliSafe Monitoring plans, see what you get, and help you to decide if it’s worth paying a monthly subscription fee.  I found this information somewhat difficult to come by so hope this helps.

We previously looked at the SimpliSafe SimpliCam and SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro.  Good cameras with some pros and cons to each.  If you are thinking about purchasing either, be sure to read our reviews for insight on each model.

SimpliSafe Monitoring and Cloud Storage Subscription Plans

When people think about SimpliSafe, home security comes to mind.  SimpliSafe has two active monitoring plans which focus on interactive monitoring and a cloud subscription plan (for those without a security system).  Let’s explore each plan in detail.

The first option to consider is not having any paid subscription.  If you have no need to go back in time to review video events, this is the option for you.  You can view a live image at any time.

Next up is a plan that is unique to those that just want to view video history and receive device alerts.  SimpliSafe has a cloud storage plan.  At this time, it is available for $4.99 monthly.  The plan provides 30-days worth of video storage.  This plan allows the subscriber to go back in time and view motion alerts.  You will receive motion alerts on your phone via the app.  When there’s motion, a 60-second clip is saved to the cloud.  You can view live camera images and receive motion alerts on your phone via the installed app.

You do not to have a SimpliSafe security system to subscribe to the $4.99 plan.

There are two plans suited for those having a SimpliSafe alarm system but only one has added benefits to those with a SimpliSafe SimpliCam or Video Doorbell Pro.  Each of these plans include interactive monitoring of your security system so if there’s an intruder alert, they will call you and / or the police.

The $24.99 monthly plan provides the most value for those with the SimpliSafe Alarm System.  Interactive monitoring and full application access.  But, for those with a camera, this SimpliSafe Monitoring Plan has a lot of benefits.

This plan includes everything from the $4.99 plan already discussed without additional cost.  You get 30-days worth of storage of the 60-second motion clip.  Additionally, a feature called video verification allows the SimpliSafe monitoring center to view video that correlates to an alarm event.  This is useful to determine if the alarm is real or a false event.  The video clip can be shared with law enforcement too.

The less expensive $14.99 SimpliSafe Monitoring Plan does not include any of the benefits just described in terms of camera integration or video storage.

Deciding Which SimpliSafe Plan is Right

It’s not unusual to see companies charge for cloud storage.  Companies like Nest do the same thing.  There are a few though that do provide free storage albeit shorter clips.  If getting free cloud storage is important, check out the Wyze Camera or Blink XT2.

The SimpliSafe cameras are best suited for those that have the alarm system.  If you already subscribe to the $24.99 plan, all the benefits of the cameras are no additional charge.  If you have the $14.99 plan, I suggest upgrading to the $24.99 plan.  It’s worth it for the benefits provided by the app plus video history.

The $4.99 plan is good those that have do not have a SimpliSafe alarm system.  Using the SimpliSafe SimpliCam or Video Doorbell Plus without a plan limits the functionality of these cameras significantly.

So bottom line, you should plan to subscribe to one of the plans if purchasing one of these cameras.  For those already subscribed to the $24.99 plan, it’s free.  But those without the plan will need to subscribe to bring this camera into modern times.



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