Where to Best Position the Blink Sync Module

The Blink Sync ModuleThe Blink Sync Module is an integral part of this security camera package.  Optimal positioning the Blink Sync Module makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of the remotely distributed cameras.  This article will focus on where to put the Blink Sync Module and how to put it there.

The Blink Sync Module is used on the Blink Indoor Home Security Camera and Blink XT Outdoor systems.  Unlike most wireless home security camera systems where the camera directly connects to WiFi, Blink cameras remotely connect to a centrally located device known as the sync module.

Each camera connects to the Blink Sync Module using LFR (low frequency radio).  This should not be confused with a WiFi signal like 802.11b.  The Blink Sync Module is connected to WiFi via the wireless router at 2.4GHz using 802.11 b/g/n.

Blink Sync Module Basics

The Blink Sync Module is small.  It measures less than 2.5 x 2.5 inches.  The weight is less than two ounces.  There’s a power cable so the module needs to be located near a power source.

According to the manufacturer, the Sync Module should be able to communicate with Blink units up to 100 feet away in any direction.  Lots of masonry walls in between will decrease that number.  No walls will generally increase that distance.

Selecting a camera’s settings will reveal two key strength indicators.  There are five bars.  Ideally, all will be blue.   It is critical for each indicator to show 3 or more bars of signal strength. Les than three bars will result in unreliable communication.

The first indicator is the Camera to WiFi indicator.   This measures the signal strength between the sync module and wireless router.

Next is the Camera to Sync Module indicator.  This shows the strength of the low frequency radio signal between the camera and sync module.

So, we’re looking for at least three bars on both indicators.

Optimal Placement of the Blink Sync Module

Ideally, the Blink Sync Module should be located equidistantly between the connected cameras.  If there are two cameras, one is located all the way in the front of the home, the second in the back, then the ideal position becomes the middle of the home, directly between the two cameras.

The location of the module needs to also account for location of the wireless router or in the case of a mesh network, the closest WiFi puck.

The higher the better when it comes to module placement.  An upper floor or at least a high shelf is going to provide the strongest signal.  This will especially help on the WiFi end.

If after following these recommendations, you still have issues on the WiFi end, consider adding a WiFi extender or moving over to a mesh network.

Powering up the Module

Depending upon what location works best, you might run into challenges when determining where to put it.  As previously mentioned, the sync module isn’t large so there’s a good chance there will be a spare space to put it.

If power is a challenge, a longer cable will help.  Try to keep the cable as short as possible.  If a longer cable will help consider replaceing the existing cable with a 16.4FT Power Extension Cable. This USB to micro USB extension power is fairly long and will allow a further reach from the module to the power outlet versus the stock cable.

Consider the Aobelieve Outlet Wall Mount for Blink Sync Modules. This is what you see deployed in the photo that accompanies this article.  No table necessary and this is especially helpful when no free table space is available in the optimal location.  This is great for upper floors of your home or office as we want the module to be located in the highest location feasible.

This accessory comes with a very sort cable replacement and facilitates using a power outlet as the mounting point.  Ideally, use these on a lower plug so that you can still access the upper one to power other stuff.  This mount will use the existing power adapter (that’s the part the cable plugs into).

Another advantage of this solution is that it somewhat hides the module.  There are a lot of ways to hide the module that don’t necessarily require a mount.  For those that want to be a little more stealth, consider placing the Blink Sync Module inside a tissue box or in the middle of a silk floral arrangement.  Remember, that anything between the module and WiFi or camera source can potentially disrupt the signal so keep it minimal.