How to Add Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ

Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ DialogueGoogle finally added Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ.  Not sure why they haven’t done this before nor why they just chose this model.  Ideally, it would have been great if they added it to the more mainstream Nest Cam Indoor.  Nest has stated they will not add Google Assistant to their outdoor cameras for privacy reasons.  So for now, those fortunate enough to have the Nest Cam IQ can benefit from the integration of Nest Cam IQ.

Why Add Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ?

Google Assistant is similar to other personal assistants like Siri or Alexa.  You can ask Google Assistant for the time, baseball scores or to add an appointment to your personal calendar.  Once it’s activated on your Nest Cam IQ, you can accomplish all that by saying “OK Google” to your Nest Cam IQ.

How to Add Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ

We’re going to discuss how to add Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ.  Most already have their Nest Cam IQ and will need to set this up to their existing configuration.

Adding Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ is easy.  First, get into the Nest app on your smartphone or tablet.  Select your Nest Cam IQ and click on the gear option to get into settings.  You will see an option that is newly added near the top that allows activation of Google Assistant to Net Cam IQ.

After selecting the option to start the Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ activation, you will be presented with a screen that will look like what’s in the photo that accompanies this article.  Now click on Get Started.  This will take you into the account authentication screen for your Google ID.  That’s what’s needed to Google Assistant to control things in your life such as your calendar.  Enter your Google credentials.  If you have two factor authentication activated, you will be prompted to go through additional verification (and if you don’t have two-factor authentication, you really should add it).

A bunch of authorization screens later and you’re all set to start using Google Assistant with your Nest Cam IQ camera.

Things to Do with Google Assistant on a Nest Cam IQ

Not that you have added Google Assistant to Nest Cam IQ, there are some nice commands to try besides the usual weather inquiry.  Let’s look at a few things to try.

For a more pertinent Google Assistant application, you can now tell your Nest Cam IQ to show itself on any television that has Chromecast capability by saying something like “OK Google, play the Living Room camera on the Bedroom Chromecast”.  You can stop the streaming by saying “OK Google, stop Bedroom Chromecast”.

As previously stated, Google Assistant has only been enabled for the Nest Cam IQ.  We aren’t aware of any plans for enabling Google Assistant for any of Nest’s other cameras but hopefully, there are plans, and when we hear of them, we will be certain to update this article.  Until then, it might be a good reason to consider the Nest Cam IQ over the nest Cam Indoor.