How to Watch a Camera on Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub Live VideoThe Google Nest Hub has been around for several years.  It’s the visual extension of Google Assistant.  The integration is tied heavily with your Google services such as Photos, Calendar, Search and even YouTube.

Several manufacturers support integration.  To no surprise, Nest cameras are supported.  So is Wyze with the Wyze Cam V2 and Wyze Cam Pan.  Other supporting manufacturers include Arlo, Zmodo, Logi Circle and several other brands.  No IFTTT is necessary for these cameras to be seen on the Hub.

Watching a Camera on Google Nest Hub

It can also be integrated quite easily with several popular camera brands.  Enabling this integration allows live video on the Google Nest Hub.  This means you can say “Hey Google, show the front door”.  Assuming “Front Door” is the name of the camera, Google Assistant will reply with “Sure, streaming video of Front Door” and you will see the live video from that camera.  When done with the video just say “Hey Google, stop” and it will return to the home screen.

The accompanying photo shows a live video stream from a Nest Cam on a Google Nest Hub.

Watching a camera’s video on Google Nest Hub has a few advantages.  Obviously it’s nice to be able to see video by just saying a few words and not having to take our your phone.  But the other great advantage is being able to watch the live video stream for hours without draining your phone’s battery.

How to Connect a Camera

Connecting a camera is fairly easy and the procedure is the same for most home security camera models.  The cameras must initially be setup through the respective camera’s app.  This is necessary to connect it to WiFi, name the camera and establish setup features.

Nest comes connection to Google Nest Hub.  Launch the Home app on your phone.  Now tap on the plus sign found at the upper left corner on your phone.  Select Set up device.

Here you will be presented with two options.  Most will use the Works with Google option which is currently the second option to be displayed.  Depending upon the manufacturer, you will then likely be prompted to enter your logon credentials for the camera.  Google Assistant will automatically sync a list of the devices associated with your account.  You can optionally identify the location of each camera but that’s not required to use the integration.



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