How to Hide a Canary Flex Camera

How to Hide a Canary FlexThis is the first article on our site to discuss hiding an outdoor camera.  The Canary Flex can be used indoors and outdoors but the majority will buy this for use outside.  Given the portability of the magnetic mount that comes with the Canary Flex, how to hide a canary Flex is a good topic to discuss.

There are a lot of reasons to hide a Canary Flex camera.  Most important is that you don’t want a bad guy to see it.  If a bad guy sees the camera, and knows he’s on it, there is a good chance it will get broken or stolen.  Hopefully, if this happens, you captured the bad guy on the free Canary 24-hour cloud retention.  Fortunately, there are some good methods to hide a Canary Flex and we will cover them in this article.

Rule number one about hiding a Canary Flex camera is to turn off that big round status light.  Having that light on is like hanging a sign saying “Here’s my Canary Flex” next to the camera.  This is especially true at night.

The most obvious way to hide a Canary Flex is to mount it high and out of the way.  Hiding it behind a tree or shrub is the best way to hide it but you need to ensure a few things.  First, trim the shrubs so there is a clear view for the Canary Flex.  Secondly, be aware that tree limbs and leaves blow from side to side so what’s a clear view today might be a partially obstructed view on the next windy day.

There are also a few innovative products that can be used to hide a Canary Flex.

An excellent addition to consider is the Canary Flex Stake Mount.  This is one of the most innovative additions I have seen in this area.  The Canary Stake Mount is a great idea and I’m surprised other home security camera manufacturers haven’t come out with a similar product.  It’s a great way to hide a Canary Flex.

Here’s how it works.  The camera attaches to the top of the black Stake Mount.  You then insert the stake into the soil.  Stick it in a planter or a flower bed.  What makes this a stealth mount is that most don’t think about looking downwards for a security camera.  Most will look upwards at the house because that’s where most security cameras are located.  I like this concept a lot.

Afraid your outdoor camera will walk?  The second product worth consideration is the Canary Flex Secure Mount.  It’s another good option from Canary.  Keep your camera secure with this mount.  Using security screws to attach to a wall or any flat surface, the camera is much more difficult to remove.  The Canary Flex screws onto the mount.  A ball joint facilitates angle adjustment.  This mount requires a drill and screwdriver to install.

The primary purpose of a home security cameras is to catch someone in the act so that you can hopefully stop them or catch them in the act.  Hiding your Canary Flex will make it more likely that can be accomplished.



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