How to Hide a Nest Cam Home Security Camera

How to Hide a Nest CamThere are a lot of reasons to hide a Nest Cam.  Most notable is that you don’t want an intruder to see it.  If a bad guy sees the camera, and knows he’s on it, there is a good chance it will get broken or stolen.  Hopefully, if this happens, you subscribed to the cloud plans offered by Nest so you can at least get a good idea of what the person looks like.

Fortunately, there are some good methods to hide a Nest Cam and we will cover them in this article.  Most of the methods apply to the entire line including the older DropCam Pro.

Nest Cam Hiding Basics

Rule number one about hiding a Nest Cam.  Turn off the status light.  Having that light on is like hanging a sign saying “Here’s my camera” next to the camera.  This is especially true at night.  The status light can easily be turned off within the Nest app.

I keep a Nest Cam on a corner shelf with a bunch of keepsakes surrounding it.  It’s hard to see it.  Especially with the status light off.  I find that placing it away from a counter or table where it is out of the open is the first step in hiding a Nest Cam.

So let’s get more stealth than a corner shelf.  The easiest way to hide your Nest Cam is to put it within a fake plant.  Use the stand that the Nest Cam came with and simply hide it within the leaves.  Just be sure the leaves do not get in the way of the wide-angle lens.  Everybody has a fake plant, so try this method first.

A lot of people don’t realize, or simply forget, that the actual camera can be separated from the included stand.  What you’re left with is a round camera that’s about two inches in diameter.  This might make it even easier to hide the camera, but you will need to ensure that it doesn’t easily tip over.

Innovative Products to Hide a Nest Cam

There are also a few innovative products that help hide a Nest Cam.

Consider the Hide-Your-Cam Nest Cam Camouflage Cover.  It allows the camera to be hidden within a Minion.  This is one of the more clever products we have seen to hide a Nest Cam.  It works for a Nest Cam or DropCam Pro.  Who would expect a security camera made to look like a cartoon character?

An interesting variation to the stealth theme is the Wasserstein Nest Cam AC Outlet Mount.  This mount plugs directly into the AC outlet.  Perfect in my opinion for the kitchen where it looks a little like a nightlight.  There is a short micro USB cable that connects the camera to the power and it looks very natural in this mount.  You can also place the camera in a traditional living room or foyer outlet and these still capture a nice quality view thanks to the extended wide-angle lens.

One last interesting idea for hiding a Nest Cam or DropCam Pro is the Wasserstein Twist Mount for Nest Cam Indoor.  The product consists of a flexible rubber gooseneck stem and silicone cover for the Nest Cam Indoor.  This is handy for wrapping around a curtain rod.  Your camera will be seated upside down but not to worry, just go into the Nest app and let it know you need to invert the image.  Nice idea as who would look at a curtain rod to find a security camera?

The primary idea behind home security cameras is to catch someone in the act so that you can hopefully stop them or at least catch them.  Hiding your Nest Cam will make it more likely that you can accomplish that.