Canary Flex 4G LTE Connectivity Steps In When Your Wi-Fi Cannot

Canary Flex 4G LTE Capability Almost hereEvery now and then, an innovation jumps out that nobody else has.  That’s the case with the Canary Flex 4G LTE Mount.  This is new and exciting.  Nothing like this exists with any other home security camera.

The Canary Flex is the company’s second generation of home security camera.  It’s an outdoor version of the highly regarded Canary All-in-One Home Security System.

It seems these days, every home security camera is simply copying whatever the other has.  The last real innovative feature I had seen was cloud recording.  While I can’t recall where I first saw that, I’m fairly certain it was on a Nest Cam.  Before that, it was wireless cameras from VueZone, now known as Arlo.

So why would anyone need cellular connectivity?  Simple.  You lack a Wi-Fi signal.  I find that most home and office routers have no problem with a 50 foot trip through walls and floors.  A real good router can go up to 100 feet.  It’s when you go outside that the problems come into play.  Add to it, very thick walls in hurricane prone states such as Florida, and it’s not making it too far past the door.

Sure, you can add a wireless extender such as those that we discussed in our article called How to Solve Home Security Camera Installation Problems.  Adding an extender right next to an outdoor wall will add 50-100 feet to your Wi-Fi network.  But what if that’s not cutting it?

The Canary Flex 4G LTE Mount brings your cellular network to a home security camera.  Connectivity is to the Verizon 4G LTE network.  Now we;re talking about taking the Canary Flex to places not typically accessible.  Attach it to a tree, add it to a boat, leave it in the woods.  Anywhere that the Verizon network is accessible, so is your Canary Flex.

Adding a Canary Flex to a boat is a very cool idea.  Imagine being able to monitor what’s happening on a boat when you aren’t there.  Even better, have your friends come along on a fishing trip, without really coming along.  There’s a lot of possibilities with the Canary Flex 4G LTE Mount.

The Verizon and Canary partnership is the first we have seen.  I suspect it won’t be the last as other large home security camera manufacturers seeks out data providers to add similar functionality.

How’s this all going to work?  There is a custom mount for the Canary Flex that is tied into the Verizon 4G LTE network.  This accessory is unique to a Canary Flex.  It isn’t going to work with a Nest Cam, Arlo Pro or any other camera.  It’s unique solely to the Canary Flex.  Like other mounts available for the Canary Flex, the camera will fit within an encasement that’s part of the mount.

Data plans haven’t been announced yet.  A home security camera can eat a large amount of bandwidth so be sure that you aren’t going to get any surprises on your bill.

The Canary Flex 4G LTE Mount is not available yet, but it’s been announced and should be out shortly.  Not clear yet if it’s only available through Verizon or through third parties.  We will update this article as we know more.



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