How to Turn a Flir FX into a Car Dash Cam

How to Turn a Flir FX into a Car Dash CamWe have written about the FLIR FX HD Security Camera before.  It’s one of the most versatile home security cameras on the market.  One of the few that can be used for virtually any purpose that a video camera can be deployed.  Today, we are going to show you how to turn a Flir FX into a car dash cam.

Turning your Flir FX into a car dash cam is easy.  Simply add the FLIR Systems FXAD01 Dash Mount Accessory.  This accessory will turn the FLIR FX into a car dash cam.  Plug the USB cable directly into your car’s USB port or any DC power adapter.  The other end plugs into the Flir FX.  Just slide the Flir FX onto the mount.  The dash mount, although technically is a windshield mount, helps to make this into a very capable car dash cam.  It’s not large measuring 2.1 x 2.1 x 5.0 inches.  The accessory is built on a ball and socket and features 360 degree swivel.

You can also use the Flir FX Dash Mount Accessory on your car’s dash (after all, we’re talking about a dash cam).  The suction assembly sticks to some car dashboards.  However, in some it may not stick very well.  In those cases, just add an adhesive dash disk.  The Arkon 90mm Car Dash Adhesive Disk is made for instances where the suction cup needs some help sticking to the dash.  The suction part of the mount will adhere to the Arkon 90mm Adhesive Dash Disk just like it would on the windshield.

Adding the Flir Dash Mount Accessory will notify the Flir FX that it’s time to work as a car dash cam.  The camera will not be using the cloud in this mode, instead using a micro SD card for continuous recording.  The Flir FX uses anywhere from 8GB to 64GB cards.  When turning your Flir FX into a car dash cam, use the largest micro SD card supported which is 64GB.  Also be sure it is rated as a Class 10 card.  You can read more about Selecting the Right Micro SD Card for a Home Security Camera to get additional information.

When using the Flir FX as a car dash cam, you will find most features present in a higher end model.  Once the camera is attached to the mount and has power, it will activate in car dash cam mode.  Wi-Fi is automatically deactivated when turning your Flir FX into a car dash cam.

Let’s look at some of the car dash cam features found in the Flir FX implementation.

An internal accelerometer senses when the car is in motion and activates the 30-minute loop record function.  That loop is recorded to the micro SD card of which 40% is reserved for this purpose.  That’s why we suggest getting the 64GB card.  If recording at 1080p, the card is going to fill quickly.

Accident detection is provided when the software senses a .5g event.  The Flir FX creates a permanent recording that includes the ten seconds prior to impact.  The next 40 seconds after the vent is also recorded.  That video is recorded outside the 40% reserved space.  You can also manually activate emergency recording by pressing the record button on the Flir FX camera.

Now, you have to ask yourself if turning your Flir FX into a car dash cam is a worthwhile endeavor.  It depends upon how often you rely on the Flir FX as a home security camera.  Most buyers of the Flir FX get it so they can keep an eye on their home.  If you’re going for a ride in the car, that’s likely the time you want to keep an eye on the house.  However if you plan to use this occasionally as a car dash cam, it’s a fairly unique and useful feature as well as a good way to get some added value out of your home security camera investment.