Is it Worth Paying for a Blink Cloud Plan?

The time for a free ride on Blink’s cloud is over.  Kind of.  We’re going to look at the Blink Cloud Plan and figure out if you need it and if it’s worth it. Everything discussed is current as of November, 2020. Three Types of Blink Cloud Plan Free, Basic and Plus.  Those are the names of what’s offered. The Free Plan provides nothing beyond notifications and live streaming.  No video history is captured.  You get this by default. Basic comes at a cost of $3 monthly or $30 yearly per camera.  Video recording and photo capture comes with the … Read more

Blink Outdoor Security Camera Changes Things a Bit

The Blink Outdoor Security Camera just came out.  There’s a minor improvement on the hardware specs from the XT2.  There is a significant change in how the video history is stored.  Along with that change is a new Blink sync module.  These last two changes go together in purposeful strategy which we will discuss a little later. We encountered the first generation from Blink over three years ago.  The Blink Home Security System was a decent wireless camera but was still a work in progress.  Seeing the opportunity for an outdoor model, the Blink XT was introduced and we liked … Read more

EZVIZ HD Indoor Security Camera Review

The EZVIZ HD Home Security Camera is a low priced camera that gives you the basics.  It’s one of those models that won’t blow you away but provides enough functionality for those wanting to keep an eye on things and not spend too much. There are a lot of low priced budget cameras this competes with that we have looked at before including the Wyze Cam and Yi Home Camera.  We’ll come back to this comparison at the end.  Let’s see how the EZVIZ HD Home Security Camera shakes out. Software You can access the EZVIZ HD Indoor Security Camera … Read more

How to Select the Best Outdoor Home Security Camera

There are a lot of reasons for an outdoor home security camera.  Selecting the best outdoor home security camera isn’t as simple as it initially sounds.  This article will review the selection criteria and options. The best outdoor home security camera is going to be the model that satisfies your unique criteria and price range.  Reasons for needing an outdoor home security camera are typically for security purposes but sometimes include the simple need to keep an eye on a pet or simply for entertainment purposes. Got Power? The first thing to consider is availability and proximity of a power source. … Read more

Is the SimpliSafe Monitoring and Cloud Plan Worth It?

A common question for owners of the SimpliSafe SimpliCam and Video Doorbell Pro are if subscribing to a paid monitoring plan is worth it.  We will look at available SimpliSafe Monitoring plans, see what you get, and help you to decide if it’s worth paying a monthly subscription fee.  I found this information somewhat difficult to come by so hope this helps. We previously looked at the SimpliSafe SimpliCam and SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro.  Good cameras with some pros and cons to each.  If you are thinking about purchasing either, be sure to read our reviews for insight on each … Read more

SimpliSafe SimpliCam is Simple and Easy to Install

The SimpliSafe SimpliCam is an easy to use accompaniment for anyone that already has a SimpliSafe alarm system installed.  The camera adheres nicely to the SimpliSafe principle of providing easy to install and reliable security components. Like the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro, this camera is an excellent accompaniment for those that already subscribe to the SimpliSafe security system as the monthly fee will include free cloud storage. Software You can access the SimpliSafe SimpliCam with an Apple iOS or Android smartphone.  Additionally, SimpliSafe provides full functionality from the browser for all their cameras. SimpliSafe has a cloud storage plan for $4.99 … Read more