How to Watch a Camera on Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub has been around for several years.  It’s the visual extension of Google Assistant.  The integration is tied heavily with your Google services such as Photos, Calendar, Search and even YouTube. Several manufacturers support integration.  To no surprise, Nest cameras are supported.  So is Wyze with the Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Pan.  Other supporting manufacturers include Arlo, Zmodo, Logi Circle and several other brands.  No IFTTT is necessary for these cameras to be seen on the Hub. Watching a Camera on Google Nest Hub It can also be integrated quite easily with several popular camera … Read more

WiFi Mesh Network Systems and Home Security Cameras

A good WiFi router is essential when using a wireless security camera.  Insufficient WiFi coverage will render a wireless camera useless.  Problems with wireless routers can stem from the technology being too old or your home being too large.  Most wireless routers are made to cover a small to medium size home.  Anything above a few thousand square feet is often too large for a regular router.  That’s where mesh network system come into the discussion. Mesh Basics We discussed how to handle a weak WiFi signal a few years ago but times have changed and a mesh system is … Read more

SimpliSafe SimpliCam is Simple and Easy to Install

The SimpliSafe SimpliCam is an easy to use accompaniment for anyone that already has a SimpliSafe alarm system installed.  The camera adheres nicely to the SimpliSafe principle of providing easy to install and reliable security components. Like the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro, this camera is an excellent accompaniment for those that already subscribe to the SimpliSafe security system as the monthly fee will include free cloud storage. Software You can access the SimpliSafe SimpliCam with an Apple iOS or Android smartphone.  Additionally, SimpliSafe provides full functionality from the browser for all their cameras. SimpliSafe has a cloud storage plan for a … Read more

How to Effectively Cover a Home Security Camera

Seems simple enough.  You’re in a position where you want to block anyone from seeing the image on your home security camera.  Sure, you could pull the plug.  But that disables the camera from useful functions that you might still want to use such as temperature monitoring or sound alerts.  You simply want to cover a home security camera. As shown in the photo, you could simply drop a cloth over it.  Make sure the cloth is thick.  I do this a lot.  Have used a handkerchief which I found to be an ineffective way to cover a home security … Read more

How to Insert a Micro SD Card into a WyzeCam Camera

After you setup a WyzeCam home security camera, you will quickly come to realize the importance of video history.  Especially as it relates to periods of time longer than the 10-20 seconds stored in the cloud with each motion event.  We thought the topic of how to add a micro SD card into a WyzeCam would be a good one to discuss. A micro SD card is not included with the WyzeCam purchase.   So before discussing how to add a micro SD card into a WyzeCam, it’s worth discussing what kind of card you should get.  The WyzeCam supports up … Read more

Using a Yi Home Camera Through a Window

The YI Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System is an indoor camera.  Many buy a home security camera to monitor the action outside their home through a window.  Like most home security cameras, the default options will detrimentally affect picture quality through a window.  That’s especially true at night.  We’re going to show you how to most effectively use your Yi Home Camera through a window. I’m currently using a Yi Home Camera through a window in the front of my home in New Jersey.  I discovered almost immediately the default settings aren’t going to work well, especially at night.  There isn’t … Read more