Sightline Adds Free Storage Capabilities to Nest Cam and DropCam

The words free and Nest were ones that I never thought I would type in a single sentence.  Well, in a surprising announcement (at least to me), Nest has announced a service called Sightline that provides free limited storage services to the Nest Cam and DropCam lines of home security cameras. Before getting into the specifics of this new feature, let me say that it’s very unusual for a company to add functionality to home security cameras that have been on the market for several years.  Yet, that’s exactly what Nest has done.  Nest has retroactively made Sightline available for DropCam … Read more

An Overview of Camio for a Nest Cam or DropCam

Most people never heard of Camio.  It’s a cloud recording service similar to Nest Aware.  It also has the ability to work as a similar service for your iPhone, smartphone or tablet.  Potentially this service is a good way to turn your old smartphone into a home security camera.  I’ll write more about that another time.  This article is about using Camio with a Nest Cam or DropCam. Should you try Camio?  Is it better than Nest Aware?  What’s it cost?  Let’s take a look. What is Camio? Camio is a cloud based video recording service.  The service allows recording of … Read more