Should You Subscribe to the Nest Aware Service?

Nest Aware is the paid cloud service that is offered for use with any Nest Cam home security camera.  For those that have already purchased their camera, this is the question that you will need to answer after your free 30-day trial is over.  All purchasers of a new Nest Cam get a free trial.  So you are now asking the question of should I subscribe to the Nest Aware Cloud Service? We’re going to cover what you get with the Nest Aware service, the cost and evaluate the overall value as well as alternatives. With a few minor exceptions, Nest … Read more

Nest Cam Outdoor Finally Gets Nest Outside the House

So after a real long time, Nest decided to go outdoors.  The Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera was announced in July and is now available. This is great news for those in love with the Nest application and technology but could only use their Nest Cam Through a Window.  You see, a Nest Cam isn’t waterproof.  Placing your naked Nest Cam outdoors will ruin the camera. So here we are roughly two years after the release of the indoor Nest Cam.  I always had two gripes with Nest.  First was the pay to play approach to viewing video history.  That was … Read more

Nest Cam IQ: A Step Forward in Smart Cameras

Lots of hype around Nest’s latest invention had us awaiting the availability date with bated breath.  The Nest Cam IQ is finally here.  Was it worth the wait?  Maybe. Nest is Google’s flagship home automation brand.  They make lots of devices but to us, we know them as the premier home security camera company.  Their quality is normally among the best available.  Software is easy to use.  Other camera companies often follow Nest’s innovation. Of course, this all comes at a higher cost.  So, let’s dig into the details with our hands on review of the Nest Cam IQ. Software … Read more

How to Fix Nest Cam IQ Facial Recognition of TV Pesonalities

Look!  Doctor Oz is in my living room.  At least that what my Nest Cam IQ facial recognition is telling me.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Doctor Oz.  But why is he in my living room?  We like the Nest Cam IQ a lot.  However, this issue is definitely a concern. The attached photo is what I received in email.  This is what the Nest Cam IQ facial recognition feature sent me.  Turns out that leaving the TV on while the Nest Cam IQ facial recognition is active can be problematic.  The camera actually thinks it’s a real … Read more

How to Make a Nest Cam Public

Most Nest Cam owners use their home security camera in private mode for personal viewing.  However, some like to have their Nest Cam for all to see.  So today, we discuss how to make a Nest Cam public.  In other words, anybody can see it. Making a Nest Cam public isn’t difficult to do.  However, be aware that public means public.  Anybody and anytime will be able to see the action.  We have seen some interesting public cameras and are a bit stumped on the logic of the owners for making their Nest Cam public.  More than one person has … Read more

How to Eliminate False Motion Alerts on a Nest Cam

One of the best features on a Nest Cam is the ability to receive motion alerts.  Unfortunately one of the most frustrating features on a Nest Cam is dealing with motion alerts.  Especially false motion alerts.  So today we will discuss how to eliminate false motion alerts on a Nest Cam or at least how to minimize them. False motion alerts drive me nuts.  In the beginning, I pick up the phone every time I receive a motion alert to see what’s going on.  Turns out the alert occurred because the leaves on the tree moved or, even more comical, the lights went … Read more