Wyze Lamp Socket Review and Tutorial

The Wyze Lamp Socket is a smart device that allows you to power your Wyze Cam v3 (or other cameras) and control your outdoor lighting from your phone. It is compatible with most light sockets and standard light bulbs, and it is easy to install and use. This is  nice solution for powering an outdoor camera when an outlet isn’t available.  You can also integrate smart lighting which is a unique perk. Use the Wyze app to control your light bulb remotely, set schedules, create rules, and link multiple lamp sockets together to make this a smart lighting system. How … Read more

How to Hide a Wyze Cam

There are a lot of reasons to hide a Wyze Cam.  Most notable is that you don’t want an intruder to see it.  If the intruder sees the Wyze Cam, there’s a good chance it gets unplugged, smashed or stolen.  Fortunately, the Wyze Cam has a free cloud plan, so hopefully the intruder got in front of the camera before disabling or stealing it. We’re big fans of Wyze Lab products.  We previously reviewed the Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Pan.  Most of what we discuss in this article pertains to the traditional Wyze Cam although some of the … Read more

Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount Adds a New Life to the Blink Mini

The Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount was released in 2023 to breathe more life into the already popular Blink Mini home security camera. We reviewed the Blink Mini and liked it a lot.  It’s bargain priced, has a lot of application functionality and is great for adding a wired option to the Blink arsenal. The Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount can point left and right and up and down.  It’s totally controlled from the application.  Blink lacks one of these cameras.  Rather than come out with a new camera, they introduced this mount.  For that already have the … Read more

A New Way to Attach a Nest Cam to a Window or Wall

Installing an outdoor camera can be a lot of work.  That’s why a lot of people purchase an indoor home security camera for outdoor monitoring.  They’re in for a surprise when they do this as it’s not as simple as pointing it out a window and leaving it there. Window Mounting Basics First, you need a good place to put it.  We look at a good solution for which is a window shelf for an indoor home security camera.  It’s a rather innovative way to attach a camera to a window. We have written extensively on the subject of using … Read more

The Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount Overview

This is an interesting product.  Rather than come out with their own pan and tilt camera, Blink decided to come out with a mount that fits a camera released three years prior.  They call it the Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount. What is Pan and Tilt? We always liked the Blink Mini.  Basic features and extremely well priced.  And most importantly, very reliable.  But that’s it.  Nothing special. Until now. The Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount breathes additional life into this camera model.  Rather than sitting on a shelf and sucking in the 110 degree field of view, this mount permits the … Read more

Do I need the Ring Chime with the Ring Video Doorbell?

The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the best home security cameras that we have seen for monitoring your front door.  Great for seeing who is at your door and when your packages arrive.  The problem:  you may not know when someone is at the door if your phone isn’t with you every hour of the day.  You also might not be home every hour of the day.  That’s where the Ring Chime comes into the picture. We have a detailed review on the Ring Video Doorbell so if you haven’t purchased it yet, be sure to take a few minutes.  … Read more