How to Hide Home Security Camera Cables

Most home and office security cameras come with extra long power cables.  Sure, you can avoid the cable altogether with a camera such as the Arlo Pro, but more often than not, owners of security cameras have a power cable attached.  To make it worse, they are really long and (usually) really white.  Not a good match for the house decor. The included photo has two Wyze Cam cables going to different cameras.  Big long winding cables.  Today’s article will discuss ways to manage these long cables.  We’ll look at ways to hide the cable, and how to make it … Read more

How to Eliminate False Motion Alerts on a Samsung SmartCam Camera

A basic feature of virtually any home security camera is the ability to detect motion then do something with it.  The Samsung SmartCam home security camera line uses the same interface and set of features for almost all of their cameras.  Motion is detected and then an alert is sent via a smartphone or email to the recipients.  This works great in principle until you start receiving false motion alerts. False motion alerts drive me crazy.  In the beginning, I pick up the phone every time I receive a motion alert to see what’s going on.  Turns out the alert occurred because the … Read more

Using a Samsung SmartCam Through a Window

Most Samsung SmartCam cameras are not made to use outside.  However a lot of people buy one to monitor the action outside their home.  At least that’s what I did.  My Samsung SmartCam SNH-E6413BN Security Camera is serving that purpose.  For the past six months, I have used this to stand guard over my pool and has done so through a window.  I found out almost instantly, that the default settings aren’t going to work well, especially at night.  I couldn’t find out anything on the internet.  So I’m sharing my lessons learned as to how to use a Samsung … Read more

Samsung SNH-1011 SmartCam Security Camera Product Review

I use the Samsung SNH-1011 SmartCam Security Camera to monitor my garage.  Amazingly, I left the garage door open overnight a few times.  I needed an inexpensive but reliable camera to maintain a view on the status of the garage doors.  That’s my Samsung SNH-1011 SmartCam in the photo with this article.  When I do my nightly security check before going to bed, this is one of the cameras that I check.  The Samsung SNH-1011 Smartcam is a wireless camera with minimal features and that’s how it is priced.  I picked this up a few months ago on a good deal … Read more

Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam Security Camera Product Review

I have used a few Samsung SmartCam Security Cameras and haven’t been disappointed.  I had high hopes for the Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam Security Camera.  I use it to monitor my pool.  That’s my Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam in the photo with this article. You may have already read my review on the Samsung SNH-1011 SmartCam.  The Samsung SNH-E6413BN SmartCam is a higher end camera and I was expecting a better monitoring experience.  The camera is very similar to the Samsung SNH-E6411BN SmartCam and in fact, I can’t tell the difference between the two.  Let’s take a closer look at this security camera. … Read more

Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam HD Plus Security Camera Review

The Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam HD Plus is a great improvement over previous generations of the SmartCam lineup.  I had previously reviewed the Samsung SNH-6413BN SmartCam Security Camera and can see improvements in the hardware.  Some of the complaints about the microphone are addressed too.  The Samsung SNH-V6414BN SmartCam HD Plus competes well with the Nest Cam which is saying a lot.  I might even rate it a little higher because I can avoid the cloud storage charges. Software Like other Samsung Smartcams, the SNH-V6414BN uses the Samsung SmartCam app.  The Samsung SmartCam app may not have as much refinement as other home security camera apps such … Read more