Managing Arlo Alert Notifications

I recently read that the average American checks their phone 80 times a day.  I’m probably one of those average Americans.  Amazingly, despite the extreme frequency, every time I check, there are new alerts.  A lot of them come from the large number of home security cameras that are installed.  So let’s dive into how to manage Arlo alert notifications.  We’ll look at what’s important and how to ensure you only receive alerts that are vital. We are big fans of Arlo.  We loved the Arlo Pro and Arlo Q.  Everything discussed within applies to all three with the exception of … Read more

Wyze Cam Pan is a Feature Packed Bargain

The Wyze Cam Pan is a new concept from Wyze Labs.  We’ve previously looked at the Wyze Cam and then the Wyze Cam V2.  We were impressed with both for being bargain priced and feature rich. We got our hands on a Wyze Cam Pan.  It’s well engineered and the app works great.  Let’s take a deeper dive into our review. Software You can access the Wyze Cam Pan through an iOS or Android device.  This camera cannot be accessed from a web browser. Setup of the Wyze Cam Pan is easy.  Download the app and sign up.  After that, … Read more

Wyze Cam V2 versus Wyze Cam V1 Hands On Comparison

We finally got our hands on the latest upgrade to the very successful Wyze Cam.  It’s called the Wyze Cam V2.  Except for a very slightly different finish on the casing, it looks exactly the same as the original Wyze Cam.  However, the changes are all under the cover with better internal hardware and software features. A review of the Wyze Cam V1 was published on our site back in late 2017.  We were impressed at how good the camera was for the price.  Was it as good as the cameras costing ten times the price?  No.  But for the … Read more

Zmodo 1080p Pan and Tilt Camera is a Good Value with an Unusual Option

The Zmodo 1080p Pan and Tilt Camera is a solid WiFi entry from a familiar company.  Our prior experience with Zmodo has been positive.  They market cameras that are very competitively priced and couple it with a reliable, easy to use smartphone app.  Too often, we see competitively priced cameras, but fails on the app.  Not the case with Zmodo as the app and hardware are both solid. Our prior Zmodo reviews include the Zmodo EZCam Pro and Zmodo HD Wireless Bullet Camera.  The Zmodo 1080p Pan and Tilt Camera shares the same app so there’s no need to install … Read more

LTE Home Security Cameras when WiFi isn’t Available

The expansion of LTE connectivity will have profound effects on how you connect to the internet.  Hopefully, consumers will benefit from greater competition in the internet connectivity space.  More competition will hopefully mean better connectivity, faster speeds and lower prices.  No longer will you be held to a monopoly controlled ISP space.  Cellular companies like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will be able to compete with companies like Comcast, Time Warner and Charter Communications. For LTE to be fully mainstream for home connectivity, home LTE modems will be in place the same way a cable modem exists today.  You will also … Read more

Yi 1080p Dome Camera Exceeds Expectations

We have been fans of the Yi line of cameras for at least a year.  We had a chance to test out the Yi 1080p Dome Camera.  Like the other models we have looked at, this one didn’t disappoint. We previously looked at the YI Dome Pan and Tilt Camera and this one is similar except it has 1080p instead of 720p plus a few unique app features.  We were impressed with the 720p version and the 1080p enhanced version is even better.  If you’re looking for a pan and tilt with good video quality and a stable app, this is a … Read more