How to Integrate a Nest Cam with a Honeywell Thermostat

Call me an automation nut.  Nothing better than having stuff occur automatically.  I recently learned how to lower my homes thermostat without me touching it at any time of the day.  This article will discuss how to integrate a Nest Cam with a Honeywell Thermostat.  The method discussed within this article also applies to a DropCam. This site has a lot of articles that discuss a lot of aspects about Nest Cam as a home security camera.  I have several cameras made by this company.  It’s owned by Google.  They purchased Nest a few years back.  I think they make one of the … Read more

How to Automate Using Stringify and Nest Cam or DropCam

What’s Stringify?  Well I’m sure you have heard of IFTTT.  The two services are similar in that they provide a link between services and hardware.  Stringify calls these links flows.  A flow allows the creation of reactions when an event occurs.  A Nest Cam provides little integration out of the box, especially with things that aren’t made by Nest.  Stringify and Nest Cam working together will overcome this restriction. After using Stringify and IFTTT, I found them to be useful services.  IFTTT has a lot more points of automation because there are more companies that support their product.  However, I found … Read more