Nest Cam Troubleshooting Guide

After working with Nest Camera products for many years, we have run into a lot of issues and figured it would be worthwhile to document how we fixed it.  The process for fixing issues is the same for DropCam Pro and the original DropCam so if you have the predecessor to the Nest Cam, refer to this Nest Cam Troubleshooting tutorial. Nest Cam Offline This is likely the most common issue with a Nest Cam.  A message in the Nest app is the way you will know the camera is offline.  It means the app cannot communicate with the camera.  … Read more

How to Do a Factory Reset on a Nest Cam or DropCam Pro

Ever reach a point where there’s no hope in terms of your home security camera ever working properly?  Perhaps you received a used camera that someone else owned.  Recently reaching the point of despair on a DropCam Pro, it was time to do a factory reset.  Since documentation is sparse, we thought an article on how to do a factory reset on a Nest Cam or DropCam Pro would be worthwhile.  The same procedure also applies to the first generation DropCam and Nest Cam Outdoor. Background One of our DropCam Pro home security cameras stopped functioning.  Not sure why and … Read more

How to Make a Nest Cam Public

Most Nest Cam owners use their home security camera in private mode for personal viewing.  However, some like to have their Nest Cam for all to see.  So today, we discuss how to make a Nest Cam public.  In other words, anybody can see it. Making a Nest Cam public isn’t difficult to do.  However, be aware that public means public.  Anybody and anytime will be able to see the action.  We have seen some interesting public cameras and are a bit stumped on the logic of the owners for making their Nest Cam public.  More than one person has … Read more

How to Use Google Drive with a Nest Cam

Ever try to go back in time to see what events triggered an alert on your Nest Cam?  Not easy.  Especially if you are using the default (and free) cloud service.  You need a way to go back in time and see when and what happened.  That’s where Google Drive comes into play with a Nest Cam.  In this article, we will show how to use Google Drive with a Nest Cam. Google Drive Don’t know what Google Drive is?  The best way to describe this free and valuable service is to say it’s your own virtual disk drive in … Read more

Hidden Camera Appliances for Stealth Monitoring

Our site dedicates most articles to mainstream cameras.  We review them and provide tips on how to use them better.  We even have a series of articles that gives ideas on how to hide your home security camera.  Today, we’re going to take about some of the best hidden camera appliances.  You won’t believe where some manufacturers stash their cameras. To qualify for mention in this article, the hidden camera must be stashed within a typical household object.  Like an appliance.  Maybe a toy.  A bush doesn’t count.  We’re looking at more creative places than a bush.  We’re also looking at … Read more

How to Integrate a Nest Cam with a Honeywell Thermostat

Call me an automation nut.  Nothing better than having stuff occur automatically.  I recently learned how to lower my homes thermostat without me touching it at any time of the day.  This article will discuss how to integrate a Nest Cam with a Honeywell Thermostat.  The method discussed within this article also applies to a DropCam. This site has a lot of articles that discuss a lot of aspects about Nest Cam as a home security camera.  I have several cameras made by this company.  It’s owned by Google.  They purchased Nest a few years back.  I think they make one of the … Read more