Using an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Through a Window

Arkon CMP220 Photo 1Using an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera or Arlo Pro HD Home Security System through a window isn’t as easy as most other cameras.  This camera was made to be light and portable.  The design has that magnetic mounting pattern built into it.  All the mounts that are made specifically for this Arlo camera use that magnetic dome pattern.  The mounts are made to attach to the back and have the camera point forward.  These aren’t going to work if you want to use an Arlo Smart Home Security Camera through a window.  Let’s look at how to get a good outdoors photo while your Arlo camera stays indoors.

First let’s address how to overcome the issue of the magnetic mount.  Simply don’t use it.  The Arlo Smart Home Security Camera can simply stand flat on the bottom where the tripod screw hole is.  If you can put it on a sill and get a good view of what’s outdoors, then half the battle is over.  You can potentially put a small platform, or even turn a plastic cup upside down and rest the Arlo on top of that.

What if you don’t have a window sill?  I know most windows in my home completely lack any type of sill.  That’s where the mount that’s in the photo comes into play.  That’s the Arkon Flexible Gooseneck Suction Cup Mount for Cameras.   This is a suction cup mount that sticks to the window.  The Arlo camera will attach to the mount using that tripod screw hole on the bottom of the unit.  Just screw it onto the adapter on the end of the mount.  The mount has an 8 inch flexible stem that can be bent so that your camera can not only face outdoors, but can be moved as close as possible to the glass pane.

Now that you have the placement part addressed, you will likely note that the video quality isn’t too great because of reflections on the glass.  These reflections become really annoying, especially at night when the lights are on indoors. The best way to use your Arlo Smart Home Security Camera through a window, especially at night, is to get the lens as close as possible against the glass.  I find that actually having the lens touching the glass is best.

Now for the bad news when it comes to the Arlo Smart Home Security Camera.  You can’t turn off the infrared LEDs.  Most home security cameras allow this feature to be deactivated.  Not Arlo.  It’s a shame because deactivation of that feature makes a significant difference.  While the feature might be on the drawing board for Arlo, it’s not available right now.  Sure, you can go out and buy a few exterior infrared lights, but that seems like a lot of work.  It would be nice if Arlo would introduce this feature for these cameras.

During the daytime, the infrared LEDs do not come into play.  Placing the camera flush against the window is all that you should need to do.  Night can be another story.  Shutting off the lights in the room where the camera is sitting may help as it will eliminate a halo effect around the video.  I wish Arlo would introduce a feature to turn the night vision off.  It would make a big difference at that time of day.

Manufacturer Link:  Arkon Resources.