Keeping an Eye on the Driveway with an Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2

Keeping an Eye on the Driveway with an Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2An Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Camera Security System are great choices to keep an eye on areas where there isn’t an easy accessible power source.  Nothing worse than putting up a home security camera than seeing a big long white cable leading into the garage.  The Arlo Pro doesn’t need a power cable because it’s battery operated.  Keeping an eye on the driveway with an Arlo Pro camera is easy.  We’re going to show you how to do it.

For all intensive purposes, the guidance is the same for an Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2.  It also applies to the older Arlo Home Camera.  So everything we discuss in this article applies to all three camera models.

The most important question is where do you put it.  And probably just as important is how do you put it there.  We’ll examine both issues in this article.

Camera Placement

Catching the most useful view of your driveway with an Arlo Pro camera requires choosing a spot that allows the 130 degree wide angle lens to capture as much of the landscape as possible.  It also somewhat depends upon your home design and how stealth you may want the camera to be.  Placing it too high might cause you to miss out on action closest to the garage doors.

Placing it too low makes it too easy for a potential thief to steal the camera.  So when it comes to height, place it at least seven feet off the ground.  That might still be too low for thieves, but it’s close enough to the ground to catch the scene closest to the garage doors while likely keeping the end of the driveway with an Arlo Pro.

Attaching the Arlo Pro Outside the Home

The mount is an important part of keeping an eye on the driveway with an Arlo Pro.  The stock mount is great for indoor use where you don’t need to worry so much about wind or bad guys walking off with it.  The nice part about the Arlo Smart Security Home Wall Mount is ease of attaching and detaching the camera.  When it comes to outdoor use, the bad part is the ease of attaching and detaching the camera.  The other issue will be that it’s an adhesive mount and severe weather might cause it to detach from the surface, or potentially blow the Arlo Pro off the mount.

So we need a better way to attach the Arlo Pro or Pro 2 to your home.  Ideally, something that will bolt to the home and use the 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole on the bottom of the camera.  We also want to be able to angle the Arlo to the right angle.

The photo that accompanies this article includes a mount that is useful for watching a driveway with an Arlo Pro.  This is the Arkon Camera Wall Mount for Cameras.  Built on a metal base, the mount is eight inches high.  There are adjustment points at the base, midpoint and tip.  The end has the standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded pattern.  This particular mount is perfect for wall or ceiling attachment.  The flat base can attach to an overhang, just like the photo shows.  Given the adjustable arms, it can be maneuvered to gain a view of the entire driveway with an Arlo Pro while still being able to see if there are any packages in front of the garage door.

Attaching the Arlo Pro Inside the Home

A garage window allows you to watch a driveway with an Arlo Pro by attaching the camera indoors.  Consider the Arkon Flexible Gooseneck Suction Cup Mount for Cameras.   This is a suction cup mount that sticks to a window.  The Arlo Pro will attach to the mount using that tripod screw hole on the bottom of the unit.  Just screw it onto the adapter at the end of the mount.  The mount has an 8 inch flexible stem that can be bent so that your camera can not only face outdoors, but can be moved as close as possible to the glass pane (for indoor placement).  It’s worth reading our article about using an Arlo Camera through a window if selecting this location for tips on night vision.

The compact size, lack of power cord, excellent video quality and robust cloud plan make the Arlo Pro an excellent candidate for watching over a driveway.  Pair these cameras up with some of the ideas we present in this article to get the best view of your driveway.



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