Samsung SmartCam PT HD Security Camera Review

Samsung SmartCam PTThe Samsung SmartCam PT HD Home Security Camera is the camera we’ll be looking at.  This is Samsung’s first entry of the pan and tilt variety within their SmartCam lineup.  We have looked at a few other brands of pan and tilt on this site and were lukewarm on them due to a poor user app.  Let’s see how the Samsung SmartCam PT stands up.  As an important note, you may also see this camera refered to by the model number which is SNH-V6410PN.

We have looked at a lot of cameras in the Samsung SmartCam series and have several in continual service.  What sets Samsung apart from some of the other mainstream brands has been a strong app, competitive features and a good price.

This is a pan and tilt camera.  What’s a pan and tilt camera?  It’s a camera that features a physically moving lens.  The head of the camera can rotate 350 degrees and can tilt 100 degrees.  It’s all controlled by the user from the app.  Very unlike many of the other mainstream home security cameras that are stationary but have a very wide angle lens.


The Samsung SmartCam PT uses the same app as their other camera models.  That’s great news.  Nothing worse than having to toggle between different apps when checking out video.  Samsung actively maintains their app coming out with updates every few months.  The app supports practically all Samsung SmartCam cameras and that’s a good thing for those that have multiple Samsung SmartCam devices.  I have several and it’s nice to be able to quickly toggle between the cameras.

There is a web app.  At least they claim to have a web app.  Have tried to get this to work for many months with no success.  So, from my perspective, they don’t have a web app.  That’s ok by me as I only use my smartphone with these cameras.

Thankfully, the smartphone app is very functional.  It takes a few seconds to see the video.  You can change any configuration option you would like from the app.  Ideally though, I would like to see a small view of each camera on the startup.  I would also wish it were a bit better on performance.

The Samsung SmartCam PT coupled with the smartphone app provides the high end functionality that is necessary in any good home security camera.  Motion and sound detection are provided as are sensitivity settings for each.

When motion is detected, it writes the video onto a micro SD card so that you go and check it after the fact.  A notice is sent via phone notification or email.  There is no cloud storage available with the Samsung SmartCam PT camera.

The Samsung SmartCam PT supports what is called motion zones.  Use these to minimize false motion alerts.  Setting up motion is a bit of an art, so be sure to read our article on that topic called How to Eliminate False Motion Alerts on a Samsung SmartCam.

As expected in a mainstream camera, there are options within the app to turn night vision on or off, change the brightness level, display the date (or not) on the video and turn the status light on or off.  You can selectively save a video clip to the included micro SD card.  You can also take a snapshot and save that directly to your phone.

The camera runs the Linux operating system.


This is a wireless camera supporting 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz.  The Samsung SmartCam PT connects using WiFi Direct which means that it can connect to most modern wireless routers by pushing a button and entering some information into the app.  There are no Ethernet connections on this camera.  It’s all wireless.


The Samsung SmartCam PT is shaped similarly to other pan and tilt cameras.  Sort of like an eyeball.  See the photo that accompanies this article.

The Samsung SmartCam is an indoor camera.  The case isn’t waterproof and it’s not made to withstand extreme temperatures.

This is a pan and tilt camera.  The lens isn’t a wide angle however it’s sufficient for a pan and tilt.  The pan and tilt positions are controlled from the app.  The pan and tilt functions allow 350 degree coverage of a room.  Combined with the angular field of view, you can cover the entire room, even behind the camera.  The lens can also be tilted 100 degrees.

There is a micro SD slot for on board storage.  The Samsung SmartCam PT can utilize up to a 128GB card.

The Samsung SmartCam PT provides a 4x zoom option on the mobile app and 10x on the web app (which I can’t get to work).  The smartphone app allows selection of different resolution levels including 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 640 x 360.  I had no problems using the highest setting.  Use of the lower resolutions is recommended when accessing over a cellular network to save on your data plan.

A feature called Wide Dynamic Range Imaging (WDR) is used to brighten up video where the lighting isn’t optimal.  I found that it makes a big difference in low light environments.  This is kind of half way between daylight and night environments.  I keep this activated within the Samsung SmartCam app.

The night vision works well.  Integrated infrared lights enable a five meter view.

There is a microphone and speaker located at the bottom of the Sasmung Smartcam PT.  This enables two way communication if desired.


The Samsung SmartCam PT camera comes with a wall mounting bracket that is attached to the bottom of the camera.  A template and screws are included.  It’s a pan and tilt camera that is typically used to place on a table or shelf.  Not a fan of mounting these to a wall as I think a traditional stationary camera would work better given the wide angle lens that’s typically included with those types of cameras.

Fun and Different

The Samsung SmartCam PT has a feature called auto tracking.  When motion is picked up, the camera pans in either direction to follow the moving object.  When the object is out of view, the camera returns to the original position.


When it comes to a pan and tilt camera, the Samsung SmartCam PT HD Home Security Camera is one of the best models I have seen.  I like it compared to others curently available.  Easier to use software combined with good hardware capabilities make this a good choice for those that are looking for a pan and tilt camera.

Quick Specs:

Video QualityField of ViewCloud SupportSD SupportNight VisionMobile/Web AppAlertsOutdoor
1920 x 1080350 DegreesNoYes, up to 128GBYesYes/NoYesNo

Manufacturer Link:  Samsung