Home Security Cameras for Watching a Pet

Woof.  I know of a family that has seven cats and two dogs.  They were perplexed as to which pet was leaving his mark daily in the living room.  And the dining room.  And the kitchen.  Well, you get the story.  One of their four legged buddies was causing a problem while they were out making dog and cat food money. Since we’re a home security camera review site, let’s say we have cameras laying around in a closet.  So donating a home security camera for pet surveillance wasn’t a problem.  They gladly took us up on the offer to become … Read more

Fix for Samsung SmartCam not Recording Event History

This article is for Samsung SmartCam owners although I suppose the lessons learned can be applied to other manufacturers as well.  We’re going to discuss the steps to take for a Samsung SmartCam not recording event history.  We will look at steps that can be taken when you’re physically in the same place as the camera, and steps to take when you are thousands of miles away. The photo that accompanies the article is one of the symptoms of a Samsung SmartCam not recording event history.  Note all the motion events.  The motion events are validly caused by someone walking … Read more

Samsung SmartCam PT HD Security Camera Review

The Samsung SmartCam PT HD Home Security Camera is the camera we’ll be looking at.  This is Samsung’s first entry of the pan and tilt variety within their SmartCam lineup.  We have looked at a few other brands of pan and tilt on this site and were lukewarm on them due to a poor user app.  Let’s see how the Samsung SmartCam PT stands up.  As an important note, you may also see this camera refered to by the model number which is SNH-V6410PN. We have looked at a lot of cameras in the Samsung SmartCam series and have several in continual service. … Read more