Selecting the Right Location for a Baby Camera

Motorola MBP854CONNECT Baby Monitor and Camera ReviewPurchasing the baby camera is the first step.  Selecting the right location for a baby camera then setting it up are the next steps and often the more difficult than the selection and purchase.

We covered how to select the right baby cam in a previous article.  Be sure to read that article if you haven’t selected the right baby cam yet.  You can also put some thought to any benefits of a camera specifically marketed as a baby cam versus one that’s geared as a general home security camera.  The advice outlined in this article is applicable to either type of camera.

The photo that accompanies this article is the Motorola MBP854CONNECT Baby Monitor and Camera.  It’s a baby camera that we profiled back in October with a review.  It’s an example of a typical baby camera.  We find baby cameras often come in the eyeball shape allowing remote movement of the camera lens.  We also see some that have stationary camera lens.  It’s a matter of personal taste.  The eyeball types normally do not have as wide an angle lens as the stationary ones.

General Advice to Choose the Right Location for a Baby Cam

Unlike a basic home security camera such as a Nest Cam, there are some specific pieces of advice offered for selecting the right location for a baby cam.  Unlike a home security camera that’s deployed in a living room or outdoors where you want the widest field of view possible, a baby cam is targeting a much smaller area.  Ideally, you want to monitor the entire crib area and take in the clearest view possible.

Avoid placing the baby cam anywhere near the baby.  Ensure the power cable to completely clear of the baby potentially grabbing it.  Remember that in time, your baby will stand up in the crib (I know that I did) and can and will reach out for anything she or he can.

Place the baby cam at least four feet above the top of the crib.  This is the only way to get a bird’s eye view of the entire crib.  Placing it where it will peek through he crib rails will only give a view of one side of the child plus will be partially obscured by the crib rails.

The last piece of general advice is to ensure the camera is secure.  You don’t want the camera to come crashing down so ensure it’s not moving once you put it there.

Bolt it to a Wall or Ceiling

Many cameras, especially those used as a home security camera, include with molly bolts for attachment to a flat surface such as a wall or ceiling.  This is a good idea for those that don’t mind putting some holes into their wall or ceiling.  This typically results in a good secure location for a baby camera.

Sometimes an outdoor camera makes a good solution for a baby camera because they are made to attach to the side of a house or tree and includes the hardware needed to do that.  An outdoor camera also has swivel abilities to get the right angle.

No Holes Please

If you would prefer to avoid putting holes in your wall, there are a few solutions to get the right location for a baby camera.

Consider the VuSee – The Universal Baby Monitor Shelf.  This accessory is used for placing a baby camera in the corner of a room.  No holes.  Included adhesive strips are used to attach the shelf to a corner of the room.  This will hold two pounds when properly installed.  A thoughtful cutout on the bottom accommodates a power cable.  This works best on painted walls.  Walls with wall paper will not work with this accessory.

A recent trend in home security cameras, and perhaps some baby cameras is to provide a universal tripod hole on the bottom.  This is a nice way to couple an industry standard solution with your camera.  Consider the Joby GorillaPod Hybrid Tripod .  The flexible legs can wrap around a curtain rod or something similar – not a crib rail.  There’s a threaded screw at the top of the mini tripod.  The legs stand 10″ tall.  This accessory is made to hold up to 2.2 pounds so a much lighter weight baby camera is no problem.


Remember the important rules about selecting the right location for a baby camera.  Keep it away from the baby.  Don’t let the power cord dangle anywhere near the reach of the baby.  Choose a secure method for placement of the baby camera.  Using one of the methods or accessories outlined within this article should help you to accommodate the right location for a baby camera.



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