How to Attach a Security Camera to a Fence

Attaching a camera to a fence is easy to do.  Just need the right mount and the proper security camera.  Today, we’ll discuss both topics. There are a few important aspects to consider prior to moving forward.  Wireless signal reception, power considerations and attachment methodology are unique challenges whenever you want to keep watch remotely from a home of office. Camera Placement There are a few things to take into account.  The first is placement in terms of getting useful surveillance video.  The camera needs to be able to see what you want to monitor so getting the right angle … Read more

Hands On Review of the Blink XT Home Security Camera

The Blink XT Home Security Camera System is the second generation and the improvements put this over the top as one of our favorite outdoor cameras.  Improved video quality, a rugged outdoor build, decent app and a built-in thermometer that’s actually accurate.  What’s not to like? We encountered the first generation from Blink two years ago.  The Blink Home Security System was a decent wireless camera but was still a work in progress.  Blink has come a long way with the XT fixing most of the shortcomings and making this a very easy camera to setup and use. Software You … Read more

How to Replace the Batteries in a Reolink Argus Home Security Camera

The Reolink Argus is a solid 100% wireless home security camera.  Unlike the majority of other cameras, this one is powered by batteries.  No A/C cable.  That means you need to periodically replace the batteries in this camera.  This article will discuss how to replace the batteries in a Reolink Argus home security camera.  We’ll also discuss how to prolong battery life and make a few recommendations for replacement batteries. A Reolink Argus requires four lithium CR123A batteries for power.  There’s a battery life indicator within the app.  The manufacturer predicts a battery life of 500 minutes of recording and up to … Read more

Reolink Argus Wireless Camera for the Great Outdoors

We have to admit, for a company we never heard of until recently, Reolink puts out some nice cameras.  The Reolink Argus checks in as a solid outdoor wireless camera.  It’s 100% wireless which means no power cable.  The wireless feature comes in real handy on an outdoor camera where an A/C outlet may not be available. (Disclosure:  Unlike most of the cameras reviewed on, this one was free from the manufacturer. The review is our honest unbiased opinion of the product and not influenced in any way.) This is the second Reolink camera reviewed on our site.  The Reolink … Read more

Reolink Keen Combines Pan and Tilt with Completely Wireless Connectivity

Once in a while we get to see some very unique solutions in home security cameras.  The Reolink Keen is one of those products.  It’s the first truly wireless pan and tilt camera we have seen.  We’re talking wireless on the power as well as connectivity. (Disclosure:  Unlike most of the cameras reviewed on, this one was free from the manufacturer. The review is our honest unbiased opinion of the product and not influenced in any way.) We’re always interested in looking at new products and were intrigued when Reolink asked us to look at their wireless entry.   … Read more

Arlo Pro HD Home Security System Takes Wireless to a New Level

I have always been impressed with the Arlo product line.  The Arlo Pro HD Home Security System sets a new level of excellence for wireless home security cameras.  While the video might be the same as the previous generation, everything else is drastically improved. Let’s take a closer look at all the improvements. Software You can access the Arlo Pro Home Security Camera System with your smartphone or via their web portal.  It’s the same app as the other two Arlo camera models and that’s great news.  Already have too many home security apps on my phone. The smartphone apps … Read more