SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro Exceeded Expectations

The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is a natural accompaniment for a company that markets security systems.  It’s integrated into the SimpliSafe app and, like their security system, is very easy to install. The SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro replaces your current doorbell. This will not add a doorbell where there is no wiring as it requires an electrical connection from the house. This is an excellent accompaniment for those that already subscribe to the SimpliSafe security system as the monthly fee will include free cloud storage.  Like the SimpliSafe SimpliCam, this is extremely easy to setup and use. Software You can … Read more

Using a Home Security Camera to See if a Package Was Really Delivered

Ever have the post office, UPS or FedEx tell you a package was delivered but it’s magically disappeared?  Almost everyone has.  Sometimes, it’s a delivery error, but sometimes it’s not.  Wish you had a way to see if a package was really delivered (or even worse, if it’s been stolen)?  There are several methods to do this using home security cameras. There are also obvious security benefits of watching the action in front of the door.  A bad guy sometimes rings the doorbell checking if someone is home.  Any of these solutions, if positioned properly will capture video of a … Read more

How and Why to Integrate Nest with Skybell

It’s always nice to see two competitors collaborate to improve their mutual customer’s experience.  That’s exactly what Nest and SkyBell have done.  Today, we’ll discuss how and why to integrate Nest with SkyBell. Some Background Are these two companies really competitors?  Kind of.  SkyBell makes a few different video doorbells.  Nest makes everything except a video doorbell.  At least that was the case until they recently announced the Nest Hello Video Doorbell which is due to be released sometime in 2018.  It’s unclear what capabilities they will have nor how much it will cost.  Until then, integration of Nest with … Read more

Why Install a Video Doorbell at Home?

The idea of the video doorbell came into the mainstream a few years ago.  It’s not like what you saw on television ten or more years back where a closed circuit camera was located in the corner of the front patio and was viewed from a dedicated display in the kitchen. No a video doorbell is much different today.  In its basic form, a video doorbell is a one piece solution that combines a traditional doorbell with an integrated camera that features a microphone and speaker.  Unlike a decade ago, a video doorbell can be installed by the homeowner and … Read more

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Product Review

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the second generation product that addresses several shortcomings from the initial product. Like the previous generation, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro replaces your current doorbell.  Unlike the older generation, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro must replace your current hardwired doorbell.  This will not add a doorbell where there is no wiring.  Since the Ring Doorbell Pro is a higher end device, I can only guess that battery power wasn’t feasible.  This one needs an electrical connection from the house.  An understandable shortcoming. Software You can access the Ring Video Doorbell Pro with your Apple iOS … Read more

Do I need the Ring Chime with the Ring Video Doorbell?

The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the best home security cameras that we have seen for monitoring your front door.  Great for seeing who is at your door and when your packages arrive.  The problem:  you may not know when someone is at the door if your phone isn’t with you every hour of the day.  You also might not be home every hour of the day.  That’s where the Ring Chime comes into the picture. We have a detailed review on the Ring Video Doorbell so if you haven’t purchased it yet, be sure to take a few minutes.  … Read more