Petcube Camera Review: A Home Security Camera for Pets

The Petcube is a novel idea.  Take a home security camera and add in some features for pets, then market it to pet owners.  The home security camera is a tough one to crack into.  The pet camera market is fairly untapped.  In comes Petcube to fill that niche. We were offered a test drive of the Petcube by the manufacturer and decided to take it for a spin. (Disclosure:  We were provided a loaner product in return for our honest review which follows.  The loaner product was returned to the manufacturer after evaluation and publishing of this review.) So let’s take … Read more

Home Security Cameras for Watching a Pet

Woof.  I know of a family that has seven cats and two dogs.  They were perplexed as to which pet was leaving his mark daily in the living room.  And the dining room.  And the kitchen.  Well, you get the story.  One of their four legged buddies was causing a problem while they were out making dog and cat food money. Since we’re a home security camera review site, let’s say we have cameras laying around in a closet.  So donating a home security camera for pet surveillance wasn’t a problem.  They gladly took us up on the offer to become … Read more

Should I Subscribe to Petcube Care Cloud Services?

Seems like every home security camera has a paid cloud service these days.  So it’s no surprise that Petcube has decided to announce a cloud service of their own.  The service is designed to work with their Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera.  The Petcube Care service is their answer for owners that wish to access their video from hours, days or weeks ago.  Let’s look at the service and figure out if it’s worth subscribing to. In our Petcube Product Review, we noted the absence of a cloud storage feature.  We also noted the absence of any on-board storage such as an … Read more