Local Versus Cloud Security Camera Storage

A home security camera serves a few important purposes.  One is the capability to look into your property anytime and make sure everything is the way you left it.  Another good reason is to be notified when something moves that you didn’t expect.  But what if something goes amiss and you aren’t around to see it?  You need to see what happened a few minutes or a few hours ago.  That’s where the local versus cloud security camera storage discussion comes up. The local versus cloud storage subject is an important one that you should give some thought to prior to … Read more

Selecting the Right Micro SD Card for a Home Security Camera

Several home security cameras use a micro SD card for on-board storage of video events.  Three that come to mind are the Samsung SmartCam, Amcrest HDPro and Guardzilla home security cameras.  I like using a micro SD card as a means to access video archives resulting from motion events.  Unlike cloud services, the video archived to a micro SD card will stick around for as long as you don’t overwrite the card. We’re going to discuss selecting, and then using, the right micro SD card for a home security camera.  The brand of camera doesn’t matter much.  Most have the … Read more

How to Keep your Home Security Camera Secure

A home security camera is a great tool for keeping an eye on your home or business.  You want to make sure that only those that have permission are the ones that are accessing your home security camera.  We provide some advice and tips on how to keep it secure. Some of our advice comes from good security practices that should be in place across your network.  Other tips come from personal experience in setting up my own home security cameras. Our intent with this article is to provide a high level overview of what you should do so that it’s … Read more