How to Add Another Camera to the Arlo Base Station

How to Add Another Camera to the Arlo Base StationWe have been fans of the Arlo lineup of wireless cameras for a long time.  A lot of Arlo owners quickly appreciate the superior quality of these cameras and want to add another.  Fortunately, the cameras can be purchased as add-on units.  Once you get an additional camera, it’s time to add it to your system.  So today, we’re going to discuss how to add another camera to the Arlo base station.

One of the nice features about an Arlo base station is that you can intermix the cameras.  The Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 wireless cameras and base stations are totally compatible with each other.  So, if you have the The Arlo Pro HD Home Security System, you can add an Arlo Pro Add-on Rechargeable Camera or Arlo Pro 2 Add-On Rechargeable Camera.  The process for adding either camera is the same.  The Arlo Pro will deliver 720p video while the Arlo Pro 2 checks in with 1080p.  All on the same base station.

Arlo Pro and Pro 2 Pairing Process

Most home security cameras connect directly to the internet.  Not the Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2.  These cameras connect to a base station which you should already have (remember, this article is called How to Add Another Camera to the Arlo Base Station).  Unlike other home security cameras, you won’t use the app to add another camera to the Arlo base station.

It’s all in the buttons.  First press the button on the top of the Arlo base station.  A photo of a base station accompanies this article.  It’s the big round button at the top.  Press it for a few seconds until the lower light starts to blink.

With the camera several feet from the base station, press the button on the top of the Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2 camera.  Be sure to press the button that says Sync, not the button used to open the battery compartment.  Press it for a few seconds.  A blue light located near the camera lens will start to blink.  You know it’s paired when the blue light blinks rapidly.

The Dreaded Red Light

No blue light?  Seeing an amber light?  Perhaps no light at all?  This means the pairing wasn’t successful.

Be sure the battery is properly installed and door is securely closed.  Ensure the clear plastic wrapper has been removed from the battery.  The initial pairing should take place with the camera a few feet from the base station.

Get the camera closer to the base station.  Repeat the process again.  Press the button on the top of the base station for a few seconds until the green light blinks.  Now press the sync button on the top of the camera.  Hopefully it was a distance issue.

Still no success?  It’s a new camera and who knows how long it was sitting on the store shelf.  There’s a chance the battery needs to be charged as a weak battery can prevent the camera from pairing.  Use the cable and AC adapter that came with the camera or the charger included in the initial purchase which included the base station and your first batch of cameras.  Leave it plugged in for a few hours.  Now try the process again.

Finishing Up

Lastly, open the Arlo app.  You should see the new camera at the bottom of the list.  There’s a likelihood you will need to upgrade the firmware in the new camera.  The app will prompt you to do that.  Upgrade the firmware.  The camera light will alternate between blue and amber while the update occurs.  Be sure to allow the update process to complete and don’t turn the camera off during this time.

Congratulations.  You just completed the process to add another camera to the Arlo base station.