How to Attach a Blink XT to a Gutter or Soffit

Attach a Blink XT to a GutterWe are big fans of the Blink XT.  It has a long battery life, provides an excellent video quality and has free cloud.  What’s not to like?  Maybe the bracket that comes with the camera.  It’s very limiting in terms of locations that you can use it.  Ideally, an outdoor camera should be located somewhere high enough to see the terrain and provides a secure attachment.  Somewhere like a rain gutter or soffit.  So we’re going to look at how to attach a Blink XT to a gutter or soffit.

While our advice applies equally to the Blink XT and Blink, the latter isn’t an outdoor camera, so stick with the Blink XT for these locations.

Advantages of Attaching a Blink XT to a Gutter or Soffit

The gutter and soffit are great locations for a Blink XT outdoor camera because these are the highest locations on most homes and offices.  Being high has two advantages.  First, the higher location provides the best view of the property being monitored.

The second advantage is safety of the Blink XT camera.  The mount that comes in the box is simple to break off.  If the camera is attached to a gutter or soffit, the only likely way to remove it is with a ladder.  This translates into an anti-theft measure in terms of someone swiping the device.

Disadvantages of Attaching a Blink XT to a Gutter or Soffit

The best part of the Blink XT is the battery life.  Unfortunately though, they will need to eventually be changed.  Hopefully, your batteries last for the two years that Blink claims, but if the cameras are frequently accessed, it might be less.

Attaching a Blink XT to a gutter or soffit is going to likely require a ladder so removal to change the battery isn’t as simple as having it on ground level.  You will periodically need to climb up the ladder to change the batteries.  Not a big deal, but there’s more labor involved versus keeping it at ground level.

The Blink XT shown in the photo that accompanies this article is attached to a gutter which is roughly twelve feet high.  Removing the camera isn’t difficult, and setting up the ladder probably takes longer than removing the camera.  Try to keep the camera no more than 12 feet high.  Higher is going to turn the potential bi-annual battery change into a more significant exercise.

By the way, you might notice the camera is using a POPMAS Silicone Skin Protective Cover for Blink XT.  Matches the white gutter versus the black camera casing.  It also provides a little more protection for the camera.

How to Attach a Blink XT to a Gutter

First, let’s look at how to attach a Blink XT to a gutter.  Consider the Wasserstein Gutter Mount for Blink XT Outdoor Camera.  The Wasserstein entry is recommended because it includes a custom adapter which clips onto the back of the camera.  The fitting is somewhat similar to the bracket that comes in the box with the Blink XT.  It clips into the round opening and around the lever used to open the Blink XT battery compartment.

The back of the custom adapter features a standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole common on a tripod.  The screw hole then attaches to the Wasserstein mount.  Just twist it onto the tripod screw on the mount.

Gutter attachment is accomplished via two screw clamps which securely attach the mount to the front of the gutter. This is perfect for keeping a watch on the property in front of the home or office.

Adjustments for angle and direction can be accomplished by twisting the bottom attachment portion.

How to Attach a Blink XT to a Soffit

For those unfamiliar with where a soffit is located, it’s the part the gutter attaches to.  A camera would attach to the bottom of the soffit.

The bracket that comes with the Blink XT might work if you want to attach the camera to the wall beneath the soffit.  However, adjustment abilities will be limited.

For better adjustment options, consider the Wasserstein Metal Wall Mount for Blink XT Outdoor & Indoor Camera.  Like the gutter mount, this includes a custom adapter that fits the back of the Blink XT, similar to the one that came in the box.

Attach these to the underside of the soffit.  This metal mount utilizes a ball and socket design resulting in a 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt. This means you can angle the camera off to the side and adjust the level of tilt.