How to Hide a Wyze Cam

How to Hide a Wyze CamThere are a lot of reasons to hide a Wyze Cam.  Most notable is that you don’t want an intruder to see it.  If the intruder sees the Wyze Cam, there’s a good chance it gets unplugged, smashed or stolen.  Fortunately, the Wyze Cam has a free cloud plan, so hopefully the intruder got in front of the camera before disabling or stealing it.

We’re big fans of Wyze Lab products.  We previously reviewed the Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Pan.  Most of what we discuss in this article pertains to the traditional Wyze Cam although some of the concepts can be applied to the Wyze Cam Pan too.

Wyze Cam Hiding Basics

The Wyze Cam is a white camera and depending upon where it’s placed may not blend in too well with a home’s decor.  Wyze Labs thoughtfully placed the bright status light on the back of the camera, but that light can shine brightly when the lights are off, so consider turning it off from the app or covering it with  small piece of electrical tape.

To easily hide a Wyze Cam, consider placing it on a corner shelf camouflaged with some artificial plants.   Use the Wyze Cam stand to adjust the height and simply hide it within the leaves.  Just be sure the leaves do not get in the way of the lens.  Everybody has a fake plant, so try this method first.

Another clever (and free) way to hide a Wyze Cam is to place it within an empty tissue box.  Just cut s small hole for the lens to peer outside the box.  Maybe place a tissue or two over the top.  Poke a few holes in the tissue box for some ventilation and another for the power cable.

Innovative Products to Hide a Wyze Cam

There are also a few products available to help hide a Wyze Cam.

Consider the Wasserstein Alarm Clock Wyze Cam V3 Camera Case.  It allows the camera to be hidden within a case that features an actual working digital clock.  This is one of the more clever products we have seen to hide a Wyze Cam. The casing provides an infrared light for night vision.  That’s a huge advantage.  This means that you will get a clear night image using this hidden camera case.  Nice.

An interesting variation to the stealth theme is the Wasserstein Wyze Cam AC Outlet Mount.  This mount plugs directly into the AC outlet.  Most people don’t expect a security camera to be mounted flush against the wall where a power outlet is located.  A short micro USB cable to connect the camera to the power is included.  You can place the camera in a traditional living room or kitchen outlet and these still capture a good quality view thanks to the adjustable Wyze Cam base.  Just tilt it upwards to capture the desired angle.

One last interesting idea to hide a Wyze Cam is the HOLACA Protective Weatherproof Housing+Security Mount.  Make your Wyze Cam look like a bird house.  This is a flat surface bolt on mount that includes a weatherproof housing for the Wyze Cam.  The mount is adjustable so this allows the camera to mounted nigh up then pointed downwards to capture the action.

The primary idea behind home security cameras is to catch someone in the act so that you can hopefully stop them or at least catch them.  Choosing to hide a Wyze Cam will make it more likely that you can accomplish that.