Alternative Power Sources for Home Security Cameras

This is a great article for anyone having problems finding a way to power their home security camera.  The typical home security camera comes with a mini USB cable that measures between five and ten feet.  Also included is a DC power adapter to plug the USB into.  Sometimes, there’s no DC outlet anywhere close.  Today, we discuss alternative power sources for home security cameras. There are a lot of ways to resolve this issue.  There are a few alternative power sources.  But before diving into that, consider simply replacing the current mini USB cable with a longer one.  The … Read more

Canary Flex 4G LTE Connectivity Steps In When Your Wi-Fi Cannot

Every now and then, an innovation jumps out that nobody else has.  That’s the case with the Canary Flex 4G LTE Mount.  This is new and exciting.  Nothing like this exists with any other home security camera. The Canary Flex is the company’s second generation of home security camera.  It’s an outdoor version of the highly regarded Canary All-in-One Home Security System. It seems these days, every home security camera is simply copying whatever the other has.  The last real innovative feature I had seen was cloud recording.  While I can’t recall where I first saw that, I’m fairly certain … Read more

LTE Home Security Cameras when WiFi isn’t Available

The expansion of LTE connectivity will have profound effects on how you connect to the internet.  Hopefully, consumers will benefit from greater competition in the internet connectivity space.  More competition will hopefully mean better connectivity, faster speeds and lower prices.  No longer will you be held to a monopoly controlled ISP space.  Cellular companies like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will be able to compete with companies like Comcast, Time Warner and Charter Communications. For LTE to be fully mainstream for home connectivity, home LTE modems will be in place the same way a cable modem exists today.  You will also … Read more