Nest Cam vs DropCam Pro

Nest Cam vs DropCam ProGoogle purchased Nest who purchased DropCam.  That’s a lot of purchases.  The Nest Cam is the upgraded version of the Dropcam Pro.  This article will help owners of the DropCam Pro decide if an upgrade to the Nest Cam makes sense.  It’s Nest Cam vs DropCam Pro.

We previously wrote detailed reviews on these cameras if you would like to read all about them first:
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You might be surprised at the results and the end recommendations.  They are both terrific home security cameras.  Let’s get on with our head to head analysis.


This is one of the great things about Nest.  They use the same exact phone and web apps for all of their home security cameras.  All the software features that you like about the DropCam Pro are present with the Nest Cam because, well, it’s the same software interface.  I haven’t been able to find anything within the app that you can do with Nest Cam that couldn’t be done with the DropCam Pro.

Nest Cam vs DropCam Pro Winner:  Tie


Connection of either camera is done through your smartphone and done the same way because, again, it’s the same app.

No difference in connectivity either.  In fact, DropCam Pro was one of the first cameras to connect at both a 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency.  Either camera supports 802.11 a/b/g/n at dual bands of 2.4 and 5 GHz.  The 5GHz band is going to work best for the highest resolution when close to the router.  It will not help if far from the router.  I define far as 75 feet with a few walls between you and the router.  But it makes a big difference when you can use it.

Nest Cam vs DropCam Pro Winner:  Tie

Video Storage

Both cameras offer Nest Aware which is their paid subscription for cloud storage.  I’ll admit that it bothers me to have to pay for a home security camera then have to pay a monthly charge to see my video history.  That’s what Nest makes you do with an annual $100 – $300 charge for their cloud storage.

It’s the same story with either camera.  Nothing extra on the Nest Cam.

Neither camera offers on-board storage so if you need to go back in time to see why you just received an alert, you will need to subscribe to Nest Aware.

Nest Cam vs DropCam Pro Winner:  Tie


This is the area where the Nest Cam comes through.  A much better piece of hardware.  The DropCam Pro tops out at 720p at 30 FPS where Nest Cam provides 1080p video at 30 FPS.  The 130 degree wide angle lens on both cameras is sufficient to place the camera in the corner of the room and see the entire room which is nice.

When using the Nest Cam and DropCam Pro to view a room or outdoor scene, you can definitely see the difference.  Especially at 1080p.

Both cameras are pretty much identical in size and weight.

Nest Cam vs DropCam Pro Winner:  Nest Cam


The Nest Cam and DropCam Pro provide very similar mount concepts.  Both made for using on a desk or table.  However, the Nest Cam has a magnetic mount so you can stick to a metal surface.  I use both of my cameras on shelves and tables, but you could stick to a metal cabinet or similar surface if you like.

The microphone and speaker are also improved with the Nest Cam however it’s not remarkably better.

Nest Cam vs Samsung SmartCam HD Plus Winner:  Nest Cam

The Winner

So when it comes to the Nest Cam faceoff vs the Dropcam Pro, the winner is Nest Cam.  When you think about, that better be the case or why come out with an upgrade?

But surprisingly, it’s not by a landslide.  The software is the same and outside of the better image quality and slightly improved microphone and speaker, there isn’t much if a difference.  Sure, the mount is magnetic, but I doubt many Nest Cam owners will use that feature.

The funny thing about 1080p HD video is that it probably will be seldom used.  By default, you will see a standard definition video and need to switch up to HD.  You probably know HD video requires a lot more bandwidth and choppy results can ensue depending upon your wireless and broadband connectivity.

Personally, I only switch up to HD when there’s something that I need to see details on which isn’t too often.

So if you have a DropCam Pro and are wondering if you should spend the money on an upgrade, I say no.  Not worth it since a DropCam us still pretty darn good, even at 720p.  Same software as Nest Cam makes it an easy decision for me.

If you don’t have a home security camera yet and are wondering if you should try to save a few dollars buying the older DropCam Pro vs  Nest Cam, I would suggest getting the Nest Cam instead.  I don’t think the savings would be that much, if any at all.  Might as well start with the latest model, especially if starting out new.


Quick Specs:

Nest Cam

Nest Cam

Video QualityField of ViewCloud SupportSD SupportNight VisionMobile/Web AppAlertsOutdoor
1920x1080130 DegreesYesNoYesYes/YesYesNo

DropCam Pro

DropCam Pro

Video QualityField of ViewCloud SupportSD SupportNight VisionMobile/Web AppAlertsOutdoor
1280x720130 DegreesAdditional CostNoYesYes/YesYesNo